BlogMOTD 1.3

A Simple Plugin to read Blog RSS Feeds and broadcast updates.

    A simple RSS Plugin for Spigot 1.8+
    (Development Builds at Bottom)
    What is it?
    BlogMOTD is a quick and simple plugin that reads RSS Feeds from Web Blogs. It keeps track of the latest Post and can do a number of things with it.

    What can it do?

    • It can display your latest blog post to users when they connect as a MOTD
    • Broadcast to all users when a new post is made
    • Allow users to check the latest blog post at any time.
    What commands are added?
    • /blog - View the latest Blog Post at any time
    • /blog force - Force check for new posts.
    • /blog reload - Reload the BlogMOTD Config
    • /motd - View the current MOTD
    What permissions are added?

    Global Permissions
    Everyone and their mum has these perms by default.
    • blogmotd.view - Access to /blog
    • blogmotd.motd - See the MOTD on connect and access /motd
    Operator Permissions
    Operators have access to these perms by default.

      • blogmotd.force - Access to force check for posts.
      • blogmotd.reload - Access to reload the config.
    Configuring the Plugin!
    It's rather trivial to configure the plugin.
    There are 4 Config Settings:

    feed: The URL to your RSS Feed
    motd: The message shown to players on join or via /motd
    update: The broadcast message when a new post is found
    current: The current blog post message shown in /blog

    The settings motd, update & current are special, They can be either string lists or just a string, you can disable each feature by setting them to ""

    Not much is required for this plugin, The provided Jar was built against Java 1.7 however In future I intend to build against 1.8 but until enough people have updated to JRE 1.8 I won't be building against 1.8 :(

    If you plan to use an RSS Feed from Enjin you will more than likely have to disable their security stuff and ensure the RSS Feed is public!

    Planned Features:
    These are planned, When I have time and patience!

    • Command Execution upon update to allow stuff such as sending mail to users or using other Announcer plugins such as ActionbarAnnouncer (<33)
    Feel free to suggest features. Providing they're not too complex or require more effort than I have Teabags.

    Known Bugs:

    • None as of yet. The plugin shits brix if an RSS Feed doesn't return XML or a HTTP 200 though..
    That's about covered it. If you have any issues or questions do not hesitate to comment!

    I further apologize if this plugin isn't exactly up to scratch.
    I've only been learning and coding Java over the past few days and this is my first Public Plugin!


    Development Build:
    You can get the latest build here
    Current Build Status [​IMG]
    Be warned! Development builds are not stable and may not even work at all!

    5zigm.png o7bk8.png oe32z.png

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Recent Updates

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      Hi there sandlin6, I really apologise for the late reply. The error produced is likely due to your main world not being named "world" like the plugin expects. There is not need to change your world name, Its the plugins issue. I shall patch it in the next few hours. Thanks!