Blood Night - Spice Up Your Nights 0.10.8

Make your nights a nightmare again! A hardcore survival plugin. Features 23 Custom Mobs and more!

  1. Eldoria
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    english, german, spanish, turkish, chinese, any other language
    Blood Nights makes your players fear the night again. Blood Night is a hardcore survival command and changes the core behavior of mobs. So if you want to make your server a hardcore survival Server or need something for Halloween, this is your plugin.
    When a Blood Night takes place 23 unique Special Mobs will make the night a true hell again.
    All Special Mobs can have a custom damage and health value to make fighting harder.
    Your mobs and even your vanilla mobs can drop custom Items. If you want to add special custom drops for a specific special mob you can do this too. Every player should be rewarded for a good fight.
    Which night becomes a blood night can be decided by random, moon phase or a fixed interval. You decide.
    If your night is too short you can also change the night duration. Test the durability of your players!
    Of course you can modify the settings for each world. The Plugin is also multi language.
    Most of the settings can be modified ingame on the fly. The commands feature a full tab completion and also a fast clickable UI.

    Configuration of the plugin is very straight forward, like you can see in our setup guide.

    A demo server can be found under

    • 23 unique Special Mobs (like Flying Creeper, Blaze Rider, Toxic Enderman)
    • Modify damage and health of every special mob.
    • Modify damage and health of vanilla mobs.
    • Decide which night should be a Blood Night based on moon phase, random or interval.
    • Custom night duration if your nights are too short.
    • Custom drops with custom items. Configurable globally and/or for every mob.
    • Per world settings
    • Configurable messages.
    • Multi language.
    • Fully configurable.
    • Ingame commands for nearly everything with tab completion or full UI support

    For detailed information about commands and permissions of the plugin take a look at our wiki.

    All commands below are subcommands of the bloodnight command.
    Aliases are bn and bnight.

    Following commands are available:

    • bn about
    • bn help
    • bn cancelNight [world]
    • bn forceNight [world]
    • bn manageMobs [world]
    • bn manageMob <group> [world]
    • bn manageNight [world]
    • bn manageWorlds
    • bn reload
    • bn spawnmob <mobname>
    All commands have full tab completion. You may use the clickable text menus, which will be triggert by execution the commands above without additional arguments.
    • Spigot or Paper 1.16.x (I will NOT add support for legacy versions of minecraft. Stop beeing stuck on 1.8...)
    • Java 8+
    • PlaceholderAPI
    Getting Started Guide
    Preconfigured Mob Settings
    Commands and Permissions
    You have a problem? Share it with us.

    A demo server can be found under

    Special Thanks to:
    - @FurkannSB (Turkish Locale)
    - xutte_ (Spanish Locale)
    - @XiaoMoMi (Chinese Locale)

    discord banner.png

    Beta Notice: This plugin is still in beta. It is considered to run stable. If you encounter a bug please report it via our Github or the Discord.

    This plugin collects anonymised data via bStats.

Recent Reviews

  1. xiaoyueyoqwq
    Version: 0.10.8
    This plugins is really good! I can remove the old Bloodmoon plugins and use the new plugins! Please don't give up on this plugin, come on!
  2. KhrysAK47
    Version: 0.10.8
    Excellent! But a suggestion, is there a possibility that you could add it so we can modify the damage done by mobs globally? Aka for every non-special (vanilla) mob, during the night periods?

    For example:

    vanilla-damage-multiplier-enabled: true/false
    vanilla-damage-multiplier: 2.0

    In that case it will deal x2 the damage that it normally would, or something similar.
  3. DebenTorba
    Version: 0.10.7
    I love this plugin. And the developers are friendly and help if you need anything. Keep up the good work and good luck!
  4. Muya
    Version: 0.10.7
    excellent plugin. the developer helpfully answers every question. ----------------------
  5. Cruees
    Version: 0.10.7
    I love this plugin, it brings many options and they are easy to configure ¡EPIC!
  6. cctvkuan
    Version: 0.10.7
    Great plug-in, but I hope to break through the limitations of the world. The generation of hell and terminal monsters is too single.
  7. yuanjingxiang
    Version: 0.10.7
    I hope the author will continue to improve the plug-in. A single blood moon event is not good. I hope to synthesize many events on a plug-in. Such as goblin、Pirates、Rainy days and other events
    1. Eldoria
      Author's Response
      That are multiple plugins which you want. Combining all this stuff in one plugin is against all rules of modularity which we have in software development.
      That's like complaining that your vacuum cleaner can't to the dishes. Also do you think it really motivates me when you leave a 3 Star review?
  8. MrolTni
    Version: 0.10.7
    I think this is a very good plugin. its pretty much configurable, can set how often bloodnight occurs, can also select which mobs will spawn during bloodnight occurs, although the mobs kinda funny cuz phantom+blaze its literally blaze riding a phantom xD. maybe dev could make a better version of the custom mobs . but overall. this plugin is AWESOME. I use it in my server, set 24000 tick day , 6000 tick night without a need to skip night and sometimes bloodnight occurs and it add a lil bit fun in my server. my player love it! recommended!
  9. Sir_Scorp
    Version: 0.10.4
    An epic plugin to enhance your game! Blood night works like a charm on paper 1.17.1 ! It easy to use. Litterally, download and play!
    Support is amazing and super fast!
    Keep up the good work!
    Blood night is a MUST have!
  10. Sedarkar
    Version: 0.10.3
    0.10.3 Plugin version not working my 1.17 Paper Spigot Server Why ? pls help me and fix it dudes
    1. Eldoria
      Author's Response
      The review section is not for bugreports. Also the last updated stated that 0.10.3 ist ready for use with 1.17.1 but not for 1.17.

      However 0.10.4 works on 1.17 as well. If you want to still use your legacy version feel free to do so.

      I would be really if you could adjust your review. those 1 Star reviews really suck...