BlueBridge v1.3.1-alpha

A Bluemap bridge plugin to display your regions on Bluemap

  1. Hotfix v1.3.1-alpha

    Fixes a critical bug in v1.3-alpha that caused WorldGuard region updates in any worlds other than the primary one to be very inconsistent or even completely non-functional.
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  2. Release v1.3-alpha

    • Implemented asynchronous region fetching for passive addons (significant performance improvement for WorldGuard regions)
    • Improved claim update detection for GriefPrevention
    Important notice:
    If you use other plugins that use the BlueMap API, I highly recommend to use at least BlueMap version 1.5.4. Older versions had a bug that caused MarkerAPI saves to fail if two threads tried to save at the same time. BlueBridge...
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  3. v1.2.1-alpha - Distance Limits + Minor Technical Changes

    New features
    • Added config options for BlueMaps min and max distance feature (implemented by Aurelien30000)
    • Added a website (the Github repo) and authors to the plugin.yml of all modules
    Technical changes
    • Made future additions to region markers easier by switching to a builder system
    The wiki now has actual content and will be kept up to date when changes...
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  4. v1.2-alpha: GriefPrevention Support

    GriefPrevention support added!

    • Supports 2D and 3D (highly NOT recommended because ugly) modes
    • Displays Claims and Admin Claims in different configurable colors
    • Automatically updates whenever a claim is created/deleted/modified
    • Plug&Play: No permissions, no commands, configs preconfigured and ready to go
    • Use both WorldGuard and GriefPrevention addons at the same time
    Planned Features:
    • Customisable...
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  5. BlueBridge v1.1-alpha

    New features:
    • 3D Markers for WorldGuard regions now available
      • Set "defaultExtrude"to true in your BlueBridgeWG config to render all regions in 3D by default (If you don't see the config option, add it manually or delete the config and reload/restart)
    Bugfixes and technical changes:
    • Size (area and volume) calculation for polygonal regions should be relatively accurate now
    • Restructured config...
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