BlueGuard v1.3.1-alpha

A Bluemap-Worldguard bridge plugin to display your regions on Bluemap

  1. Mark_225
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
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    This plugin will automatically create BlueMap markers for your WorldGuard regions.

    From here on out, Blueguard will no longer receive any updates except for bugfixes. Thus, this plugin will never leave its alpha state. The reason for this is that I'm currently working on a more modular approach that will allow multiple different Minecraft region plugins to be displayed on Bluemap using only one core plugin and one or multiple optional addons. Since there will be a module for Worldguard with the exact same features Blueguard provides, this project will soon be obsolete.

    • You can exclude or include all Worldguard regions by default and exclude or include individual regions. The individual setting will always overwrite the default setting.
    • All parameters (color, region names, etc.) are customisable. Settings can be changed through the config file or per region using WorldGuard flags.
    • Customisable html preset to change the layout of how the region's information is displayed on BlueMap. You can use variables to include names, region sizes, owner and member lists or the values of specific WorldGuard flags.

    Download the Plugin from the GitHub releases section, install it on your server and edit the config.yml to your liking (an explanation of what each setting does is provided inside the config.yml).
    There are no commands or permissions yet.
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