BlueMap 1.0.1-snap

A mapping tool that creates 3D models of your Minecraft worlds and displays them in a web viewer

  1. TBlueF
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:

    BlueMap is a tool that generates 3d-maps of your Minecraft worlds and displays them in your browser. Take a look at this demo. It is really easy to set up - almost plug-and-play - if you use the integrated web-server (optional).

    The mod automatically updates your map as soon as something changes in your world, as well as rendering newly generated terrain and managing the render-tasks.

    Some features and some blocks are still missing. Especially some tile-entities will not render correctly/at all. See below for a list of what is planned for future releases.


    Getting started

    BlueMap is mostly plug-and-play. Just install it like every other plugin and start your server. BlueMap will then generate some config-files for you in the ./plugins/BlueMap/ folder. Here you can configure your maps and the web-server.

    Please read the wiki for more detailed information!

    If you need help with the setup, feel free to join the Discord-server, we'll be happy to help you there!

    Metrics and Webserver

    BlueMap uses bStats, an own metrics-system and is hosting a web-server!

    Metrics are really useful to keep track of how the plugin is used and helps me stay motivated! Please keep them on :)

    Metrics: BlueMap is sending a super small report, containing only the implementation-name and the version of the BlueMap-plugin to my server. Here is an example report:
    Code (Text):
        "implementation": "bukkit",
        "version": "0.0.0"
    This data-collection can be turned off in BlueMaps configuration! (Turned on by default)

    Web-Server: The web-server is a core-functionality of this mod. So it is enabled by default but can be disabled in the config. By default the web-server is bound to all network-interfaces ('') on port 8100 and is hosting the content of the ./bluemap/web/ -folder.

    Commands and Permissions

    (A better formatted version of this table can be found here)

    command | permission | description
    /bluemap | bluemap.status | displays BlueMaps render status
    /bluemap reload | bluemap.reload | reloads all resources, configuration-files and the web-server
    /bluemap maps | bluemap.status | shows all maps loaded by BlueMap
    /bluemap worlds | bluemap.status | shows all worlds loaded by BlueMap
    /bluemap pause | bluemap.pause | pauses all rendering
    /bluemap resume | bluemap.resume | resumes all paused rendering
    /bluemap render [world|map] [x z] [block-radius] | bluemap.render | renders the whole world or optionally a defined radius around the player
    /bluemap purge <map-id> | bluemap.render | purges (deletes) all data of a rendered map
    /bluemap marker create <id> <map-id> <label> | bluemap.marker | creates a basic POI-Marker at the player position
    /bluemap marker remove <id> | bluemap.marker | removes the marker with that id
    /bluemap debug block | bluemap.debug | prints some debug info about the blocks at the players position
    /bluemap debug cache | bluemap.debug | clears BlueMaps world-caches

    Todo / planned features

    Here is an (surely incomplete) list of things that i want to include in future versions. (They are not in any specific order. There is no guarantee that any of those things will ever be included.)
    • render more tile-entities (banners, shulker-chests, etc..)
    • render entities (armor-stands, item-frames, maybe even cows and such..)
    • free-flight-controls
    • more configurations
    • easier mod-integration
    • ability to display the world-border
    • animated textures (if feasible)
    • add support for models in obj format (if feasible)

    Issues / Suggestions

    You found a bug, have another issue or a suggestion? Please create an issue on GitHub!

    You are also very welcome to join the Discord-server and the reddit!
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Recent Updates

  1. Released Snapshot-Version: 1.0.1-snap

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    This plugin is the best map plugin for a minecraft server EVER made!!
    Just WOW!
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    Version: 1.0.1-snap
    Just wow!
    Shows the worlds so smooth on mobile devices too.
    Rendering works so fast, great! It's like a spectator in a browser with the integration of all(!!!) axis. Works without any problems on 16.3
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    Version: 1.0.0
    Revolutionary! The first real alternative to Dynmap (at least on the 3D side, or rather, isometric, in terms of maps)! You can spin! You can rotate! You can pan around a build!

    Is this actual minecraft! No, it's a map, but its graphics looks like you're in the game itself!

    Start using BlueMap and wow your players today!
    (Caves and building interiors not included)
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