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taking unlocks to the next level

  1. Riaku

    An easy to use plugin, blueprint lets you specify certain items as craft-able ONLY after first obtaining and using an item's blueprint.

    There are currently no commands available but more commands and configuration are planned for the future.

    Blueprints are obtained as drops from mobs. Drop rates can be configured via the config.
    Blueprints will be applied on pickup.

    === Useful Links ===
    Source Code on Github

    === Permissions ===
    Bypass blueprint checks
    - blueprint.bypass

    === Installation and Setup ===
    # Ensure that you have Java 7 installed
    # Stop the server
    # Drop blueprint.jar into your plugins folder
    # Start and stop the server
    # go into plugins/blueprint/config.yml
    * to require blueprints before crafting items, add theitem IDs to the "blueprints" section of config.yml

    === Configuration ===
    Code (Text):
    //dropChance is the rate which mobs will drop blueprints
    dropChance: 100

    //Keep blueprints on pickup
    keepOnPickup: false

    //Blueprints are the items which will require blueprints before crafting
    Blueprints: [20,23,25,27,28,29,33,35,41,42,45,46,47]

    //players are the current blueprints held by players.
    - 355
    ===== Problems =====
    * Blueprint not dropped after creeper explosion

    ===== Planned Features =====
    * Adding Commands to add/remove/modify blueprints
    * Add Furnace and Brewing stand support
    * Move blueprints list from config.yml to blueprints.yml

    for problems or suggestions, feel free to contact me here, or on github.

    Source can be found on
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  1. added keepOnPickup

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  1. Ethon6
    Version: 2014-01-10
    Plz. If you live, please upgrade your plugin. Upgrade to 1.14.4/1.15/1.16.2, and put new feature, like support ItemsAdder, QualityArmory. :)