BNP - BlessNewPlayers 1.0

Would you like that your players will feel like home?

  1. OriMiner
    BNP - BlessNewPlayers
    The best way that your players will feel like home!
    This plugin will allow your crew to welcome new players.
    The plugin basically keeps your bless in the config automatically so you just need to type the bless once and all the new players will be able to enjoy it :).

    * You need OP / Permission.

    /bnp [bless] - set your own bless message.

    "bnp.use" - allows to use the bnp command.

    Set Bless:


    Bless massage [low quality, sorry]:

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  1. KiritoKenichi
    Version: 1.0
    very good plugin!
    1. OriMiner