BOINCForMinecraft 1.1.0

Makes it easier to contribute to good causes by contributing processing power to BOINC projects.

  1. Omniscimus
    BOINCForMinecraft gives access to the boinccmd utility in-game, and can enable or disable BOINC computing based on the number of online players. This makes it easier to run BOINC on the same server as the Minecraft program. This plugin does not run BOINC tasks itself; in order to contribute to projects, the server will need to run the program.
    Note that this plugin is experimental and may lead to issues such as server crashes.

    BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing) is an open-source software platform for computing using volunteered resources. This plugin and its developer(s) are in no way affiliated with, licensed or endorsed by BOINC itself or its developers.

    You will need the command-line utility 'boinccmd' for this plugin to work, so you can only use it if you use for example a Virtual Private Server or a dedicated server for Minecraft. You can find instructions on how to install BOINC on a Ubuntu server here:

    • /boinc version: Displays the currently running version of BOINC.
    • /boinc reload: Reloads the configuration.
    • /boinc computation <enable|disable> [cpu|gpu|transfers] [durationInSeconds]: Enables or disables computation and transfers.
    • /boinc projects: Displays a summary of the attached projects.
    • /boinc project <projectURL> <reset|update|suspend|resume|denynewtasks|allownewtasks>: performs an action on the specified project.
    • /boinc tasks: Displays a summary of assigned tasks.
    • /boinc task <projectURL> <task> <abort|suspend|resume>: performs an action on the specified task.
    • /boinc transfers: Displays a summary of file transfers.
    • /boinc transfer <projectURL> <transferName> <abort|retry>: performs an action on the specified network transfer.
    • boinc.admin: gives permission to all commands of this plugin.
    Do not give this permission to anyone you don't fully trust. Because this plugin works directly with the command line, attackers might be able to do serious harm to your server if they have this permission.

    • suspend-on-player-count: set this to the maximum number of players for which BOINC should still be computing.
    • run-always: set this to true if you would like BOINC to ignore its preference files when computing.
    • boinccmd-password: provide your password to the plugin, if you have set one. This is the password for BOINC client, in the 'gui_rpc_auth.cfg' file in its data folder. If you have not set a password there, just leave this configuration option empty.
    This plugin is licensed under the MIT license.

    [​IMG] Source on GitHub

    If you'd like to support the development of this plugin, please consider making a donation:

    I initially made this plugin for my own server, but I published it in the hope that it is useful for other server administrators as well. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about this plugin, please don't hesitate to let me know in the 'Discussion' section of this resource.