Bomb Lobbers 1.6.4

Toss bombs at the opposing team(s) to blow 'em away!

  1. JohnKlay
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    My take on the Mineplex bomb lobbers plugin, but even better!
    Toss bombs at your friends, and try to blow up the ground below them, or knock them off into the water!

    (Map not included)

    • Right click with TNT to toss it
    • Game system:
      • Three working teams! (Blue, red, and green)
      • You choose the teams! You can play 1v1v1, 4v4 (no 3rd team), 30v5v2, etc. It's your choice!
      • Water damages players a custom amount during games
      • Players receive a TNT every custom seconds
      • Cooldown on TNT throws to every custom seconds
      • Custom items can be given at the start of each game (see "Usage" below)
      • Players are put into spectator mode after dying (no respawn screen)
      • Custom countdown to game start
      • Game ends when only one team (not one player) remains
      • Game over title, displaying what team won the game
    • Direct hit detection
      • If a player is hit directly with a TNT, they will get damaged and go flying (custom damage + velocity)
      • "Ding" noise so the thrower knows if it hit

    Commands, Usage, & Permissions:
    • /bomblobbers (alias /bl): Toggles the plugin
      • enable: enables the plugin
      • disable: disables the plugin
      • start: starts a game
      • stop: forces a game to end
      • changeteam: GUI to choose between blue, red, and green team
      • config: customizes the plugin
        • velocity: change the velocity of thrown TNT
        • givetime: change the time between TNTs given to players in a game
        • cooldown: cooldown between throwing TNTs. Default is 3, set to 0 to remove cooldown (may cause lag if many TNTs are thrown).
        • directhitvelocity: how far the player will be thrown when hit with a TNT
        • directhitdamage: damage dealt when being directly hit by a thrown TNT
        • waterdamage: damage dealt when in the water
        • countdown: countdown before the start of a game
        • items: opens a GUI where you can drop items to be given to each player at the start of a game.
        • deathmessages: when a player dies during a game, their name (colored by their team color) will be in chat. enable or disable with this config.
        • reset: resets all custom configs listed above
    • Note: If someone dies by falling in the void, they will respawn at the world spawnpoint in spectator mode. Set the world spawnpoint to the middle of the playing area for best effect.
    • Permissions:
      • bomblobbers.*: Gives access to all Bomb Lobbers commands
      • bomblobbers.start: Allows user to start a game
      • bomblobbers.stop: Allows user to forcibly stop a game
      • bomblobbers.enable: Allows user to enable the plugin
      • bomblobbers.disable: Allows user to disable the plugin
      • bomblobbers.changeteam: Allows user to choose & change their own team
      • bomblobbers.debug: Allows user to enable debug version of the plugin (for single player testing)
      • bomblobbers.config: Allows user to edit the config of the plugin
      • bomblobbers.quicktoggle: Allows user to enable and disable the plugin by using "/bomblobbers"

    In development:
    • [✓] Customization (Completed):
      • [✓] Custom TNT thrown velocity (Completed in [BETA] 0.4)
      • [✓] Custom time between every TNT (Completed in [BETA] 0.5)
      • [✓] Custom cooldown for throwing TNT (Completed in [BETA] 0.5)
      • [✓] Custom direct hit velocity (Completed in [BETA] 0.5)
      • [✓] Custom direct hit damage (Completed in [BETA] 0.5)
      • [✓] Custom water damage per second (Completed in [BETA] 0.5)
      • [✓] Custom countdown amount (Completed in [BETA] 0.5)
      • [✓] Custom items at the start of the game (Completed in [BETA] 0.6)
    • [✓] Permission system
    • [✓] Bug fixes:
    • Maybe the addition of a fourth team
    This project is now out of beta. However, I would appreciate if you would report issues to the issues section on Github.

    This project is open-source and licensed under the
    GNU General Public License v3.0. Check out the source code here on Github!
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