Bombs 1.2.4

Create custom bombs out of any item!

  1. Added auto-pickup and got rid of debug message


    What's new?

    - Got rid of pesky debug message on enable
    - Added auto-pickup (turn on / off in config)

    How to update?
    1. Download v1.2.4
    2. Get rid of old version
    3. Place Bombs v1.2.4 in your /plugins folder
    4. Delete the old configuration file so the new option can generate OR
    Add this to your config.yml if you do not want to delete your config

    Code (Text):
    # should bombs put all the exploded items in your inventory?
    collect-items: true
    5. Reload / restart your...
  2. Fixed NPE bug


    What's new?


    - Fixed NPE error caused when throwing a bomb

    How to install
    1. Remove any old versions of Bombs
    2. Replace with v1.2.3
    3. Reload / Restart and enjoy!
  3. Fixed NPE bug and added event


    What's new?

    - Fixed a NPE that was spamming console
    - Added a PlayerThrowBombEvent @Chazmondo

    How to install

    1. Remove old Bombs jar
    2. Replace with v1.2.2
    3. Reload and success

    New event added
    Code (Text):
    pretty self explanatory, like any other event.
    stores the player, the bomb, and the location that it is dropped at.
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  4. Added a GUI that shows all bombs, fixed minor bugs

    version 1.2.1

    What's new?

    * Changed /listbombs from being a message to opening a GUI like so
    Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 11.51.17 PM.png

    * Fixed bugs with it saving and loading bombs

    How to install
    1. Remove any old versions of Bombs plugin you may have
    2. Upload new jar, reload, and enjoy!
  5. 1.8 support has been added

    Quick plugin update

    Added support for 1.8 -> 1.11