Bombs! 2015-03-28

Snowballs turn into bombs!

  1. BoonMeneer
    This is the official minecraft Bomb plugin!
    I made this 60% by myself and 40% by a YouTube tutorial.

    Why choose mine?
    - I keep it up to date
    - I can costumize it for you (free!)

    Remeber I just started developing, so there could be some bugs please let me now how to improve this shizzle :D

    My server:

Recent Reviews

  1. FinPlec
    Version: 2015-03-28
    I really like this plugin. It is super easy, lightweight, and overall easy to have on a server. The only thing I would like is a config for changing the bomb item, as well as whether it damages the player or not. I am using it for a prison server currently, so player damage is a little annoying. Otherwise, great plugin!