BombsPlus 1.0.0

Custom Bombs! Make up to almost anything explode!

  1. awesomehenderson

    ===== What does it do? =====
    Currently as of version 1.0.0 , the plugin is coded when you throw 5 specific items down they will explode, each being of different power.

    ====== How to Install? ======
    Download the plugin from the right hand side of the page. Then upload the BombsPlus.jar file to your server files or drag it into your home hosted server. From there just restart/reload your server! And your good to go!

    ===== Commands =====
    * /bombs - gives you the bombs
    * /bombslist - shows you a list of bombs and there power!

    ===== Permissions ======
    * bombs.getbombs

    ===== To Do List ======
    * Add WorldGuard support
    * Add Config file

    ====== Known Bugs =====
    * Currently none.