BoneSQLib | Deprecated 0.0.1

SQL library that utilizes BoneCP

  1. Favorlock
    I will not provide support for any of my plugins marked Deprecated. I'm no longer working on this project.


    A simple SQL library that utilizes BoneCP.

    Start off by creating your variable.

    Code (Text):
    private Database sql;
    Construct your database object. The constructor does not automatically open the database connection.

    Code (Text):
    sql = new MySQL(Logger.getLogger("Minecraft"),

    Next we need to open the connection:

    Code (Text):
    if ( {
        // ...

    Grab a connection from the connection pool:

    Code (Text):
    Connection connection = sql.getConnection();
    // Do something with connection.

    Close connection after finishing statement:

    Code (Text):
    1. Download the jar.
    2. Add the jar to your Java build path.
    3. Tell your users to install BoneSQLib with your plugin.
    Do not install from source!
    If you install BoneSQLib directly into your plugin, the following bad things will occur:

    1. You cannot run your plugin alongside BoneSQLib.jar plugins. Bukkit will (usually) find the BoneSQLib classes in your plugin first, and block the BoneSQLib.jar dependency.
    2. You cannot run your plugin alongside other plugins using BoneSQLib directly from source. Same issue.
    3. Updating will definitely cause these problems and cause you much pain.
    1. Implement support for prepared statements
    I'd like to give thanks to the author of SQLibrary as I designed the library to be similar to SQLibrary. I also used some of his description as the same things apply because of the similarities.

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  1. joshwenke
    Version: 0.0.1
    Yay! Been waiting for this! but uh oh, documentation link is broken!
    1. Favorlock
      Author's Response
      Documentation link is fixed.