Boo mcMMo Reward 2015-08-08

Plugin for mcMMO providing rewards and action on level up

  1. boozaa
    What is it?

    BoomcMMoReward is an addon for mcMMO.
    It gives you abilities to distribute rewards for all mcMMO's player level up with or without conditions.

    Available Conditions
    • money ( > or < amount ) - Vault required
    • perm ( has or has not specific permission ) - Vault required
    • group ( is on a specific group or not ) - Vault required
    • POWER level ( > or < specific POWER level )
    • SKILL level ( > or < for multiple SKILL level )
    • world ( if in specific World )

    Available Rewards
    • money ( give specific amount with an optional sender ) - Vault required
    • lotteryMoney ( % of chances to win amount ) - Vault required
    • perm ( give/remove permissions or permissions for specific world ) - Vault required
    • group ( add/remove from specific groups ) - Vault required
    • item ( give items, you can set quantity/damage/enchantments )
    • luckyItem ( an item randomly choose from a list of items )
    • lotteryItem ( % of chances to win item )
    • luckyKit ( a kit of items randomly choose from a list of kits )
    • message ( you can send mp/broadcast/log with color )
    • command ( for advanced user you can launch console command )
    How it works?

    When a player level up a skill he level up his global level.

    The plugin do:
    • a search on POWER/ONE folder if there is a reward file for the reached global level
    • a search on POWER/EVERY folder if there is a reward file multiple of the reached global level
    • a search on SKILLS/skill/ONE folder if there is a reward file for this skill level itself
    • a search on SKILLS/skill/EVERY folder if there is a reward file multiple of this skill level itself

    If the plugin find a reward file it deals with it.

    If you need help, you can join this channel with this link :
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Recent Reviews

  1. AsyDRabbit
    Version: 2015-08-08
    Excellent resource. Excellent communications from the dev. Thought I'd found a bug ( I hadn't, I'd just done something simple wrong ¬_¬) and I got a response to my message swiftly - pretty much immediately - and an invite to a chatroom for me to be taken through the process.

    It's not a major part of my server but the features and allowances it adds are simple, incredibly adaptable and allow a lot of customisation and rewards to be handled neatly.