BookFix 2021-01-01

This plugin aims to help fix issues with the recent bookdupe

  1. moonbyte
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Languages Supported:
    Moonbyte Corporation
    This plugins allows servers that are running on previous versions of paper to modify, patch or make the dupe safer.

    In testing, I realized that this dupe can be used as a chunk ban. If you quickly throw a book on the ground with more then 64mb of data, anyone who loads that chunk will basically be banned from the server till the book despawned or been removed. Since I run a anarchy server, and I want to keep this dupe enabled. This is a huge bug for the dupe so I started working on a plugin fix.

    This plugin fixes the dupe, the chunk ban, and the chunk reset hack. Yes, if the world actually saves with the book on the ground, it will not save that chunk, and instead of saving the chunk it actually deletes it and regenerate the chunk. This is a form of greifing I want to keep enabled on my server, but I don't want people being chunk-banned.

    Right now as it stands, this plugin isn't being used on my server, but if people start to chunkban people I'll have to enable it. I like this form of greifing where you can completely re-generate chunks, but I want my server playable.

    This plugin comes with a config file. If you want the dupe to be patched go into the config file and set FixDupe to true. There's also configuration settings for the chunk ban fix, and the book size limit.

    I will be releasing a video and the tool used to test this bug, the tool I used basically does the .d command and immediately drops the book 100% of the time and its extremely easy to do. I would either, recommend updating Paper to patch this dupe for servers that doesn't want it. Or, use this plugin before I make that youtube video public.

    To support me, I don't recommend donating, but if you can check out my anarchy server that's more then enough to make me happy. IP is, thanks!