BookRules 1.1

The best rules plugin with a book GUI!

  1. Skyslycer88
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    I'm currently working on a big update!
    MySQL, API, Hyperlinks in the book and performance improvements

    BookRules is a rules plugin, where you need to accept the rules to play.
    Highly configureable and 1.12-1.16 support.

    ATTENTION: It needs ProtocolLib for 1.12.2!!!
    Open a book to a player on his first join with the contents configured.
    At the last page the player will be able to accept or decline the rules.
    If a player wants to remove their accepted status, they can either type
    /declinerules or type /rulebook to open the book again and click on decline.
    There are also clickable Buttons in the book at the last page, that run the command and close the book.
    The player can type /rulebook to open the book again.
    You can reload the plugin in-game and remove/add a
    players status as accepted/not accepted. Full UUID support.​
    - accept the rules
    /declinerules - decline the rules
    /rulebook - open the book again (if you didn't accept the rules it opens automaticly again)
    /bookrules - admin command
    /bookrules reload - reload the configuration
    /bookrules status [player] - check the status of a player
    /bookrules acceptrules [player] - accept the rules for a player
    /bookrules declinetrules [player] - decline the rules for a player

    - all /bookrules reload, acceptrules, declinerules
    bookrules.reload - /bookrules reload
    bookrules.status - /bookrules status [player]
    bookrules.acceptrules - /bookrules acceptrules [player]
    bookrules.declinerules - /bookrules declinerules [player]
    Only works with permission mode:
    bookrules.accept - /acceptrules
    bookrules.decline - /declinerules
    bookrules.rulebook - /rulebook
    bookrules.onjoin - open the book when a player joins and didn't accept the rules
    bookrules.onclose - open the book when a player closes it and didn't accept the rules
    prefix: Prefix showing on all commands (except /bookrules)
    accept-text: Text on the last page of the book
    accept-button: Text on the button placeholder <acceptbutton> and trigger for /acceptrules
    decline-button: Text on the button placeholder <declinebutton> and trigger for /declinerules
    kick-text: The kick message when a player declines the rules
    no-permission: Message when a player doesn't have permissions for a command
    accept-message: Message sent when a player accepts the rules
    already-accepted-message: Message sent when a player tries to accept the rules while he already accepted them
    use-permissions: Extra permissions
    debug-mode: If enabled, outputs usefull information about what the plugin does
    content: set the pages:
    For each page you put the next number like in the default config. For each line in a page u put a
    Code (Text):
    - 'and here the line'.
    If the line doesn't fit, it will still be put in the next line in the book.
    Just look and the defaults, there you can see it better.
    Code (Text):
      - '&7[&61&7] &6Don''t grief!'
      - '&7[&62&7] &6Don''t hack!'
    The plugin supports PlaceholderAPI in the following strings:
    accept-text, kick-text and content (the pages in the book).
    To ask for support join my Discord server:
    If you find issues, please report them on GitHub:


    Thanks for using my plugin!
    I will try to fix issues as soon as possible if an issue comes up.

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Recent Reviews

  1. Poldi_7
    Version: 1.1
    Nice Plugin, it works good to display rules and information to the players. I'm really looking forward to the big update for more features
    1. Skyslycer88
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! Stay hyped for the new update. It will have so many new features.
  2. depletion
    Version: 1.1
    Works exactly as its expected to!

    Things I think the plugin COULD use:
    1. Remove need to add (\n\n<acceptbutton>\
    \ <declinebutton>) and it automatically is put at the end of the book
    2. ability to hyperlink words and phrases
    3. Able to add title/image in the empty space at the top left corner of the book (For branding purposes)
    4. (Dont know if this is possible) Change font, and Center text
    1. Skyslycer88
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! I will leave the placeholders in there, as players may want to remove the decline button or change its place. For the 2. point, yeah, you will be able to add links to the book pages. I don't really know what you mean with the 3. point and yes, you will be able to change font in the accept text and book content in version 2.0.
      I would really appreciate if you could join my Discord server, so we can discuss the 2. and 3. point, thanks!
  3. XxSkytoonexX
    Version: 1.1
    Very good plugin !
    It would be cool to be able to click on a word and it redirects to a link if we want, put hexadecimal colors...
    A few more improvements and it could be a great plugin for my rules :D
    1. Skyslycer88
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! I will add those very soon.
      Its pretty easy to add them. You can do even gradients and stuff.
      Will be a cool update.