BookShelf 1.8

Allows players to use bookshelf as containers

  1. TheySeeMeRolling
    Current Version:
    4.1 (Release) (I updated it to 1.8)

    What is it for?
    This plugin allows players to store books, maps, and more into those once useless bookshelves - just like chests! It encourages players to write books and store them in shelves, and can build onto your economy with libraries and bookstores by using the built in Vault support. Unlimited bookshelves make rule walls a thing of the past; store rule books inside an unlimited shelf, and every player can have one! Book Shelves are opened like a chest, by right clicking on the shelf. This opens a chest-like inventory that only allows the storage of books, maps, records, and paper. The items are stored in an SQLite database, so no setup is required to use this plugin! MySQL support is optional. These are just a few of the many features of BookShelf.

    What are the Features?
    • Store books, maps, records (music discs), and paper in bookshelves!
    • Right click on shelves to open a familiar chest-like inventory!
    • Configurable top/bottom access. Disable it, and hide the shelves in your floor!
    • Create unlimited shelves that give out infinite copies! - Great for rule books, libraries, newspapers, city maps, and more!
    • Create shop shelves that work with any Economy! (Using Vault)
    • Combine unlimited and shop shelves to create a shop that has unlimited copies! - Great for server stores!
    • Create a donation shelf type that allows the owner to add/remove books, while other players can only add books! Good for library submissions!
    • You can only store books, maps, paper, and records.
    • Items maintain their position in the shelf; none of that "auto-sorting" business.
    • Runs on SQLite - No setup!
    • Can be configured to use MySQL instead of SQLite!!
    • Configurable shelf sizes! (Rows of 9, Max 6 rows)
    • Configurable default shelf names!
    • Each shelf can be individually named - Great for naming library sections!
    • Configure what types of books can be put into shelves!
    • When the shelf is broken, books drop like a chest - nothing is lost!
    • Reloading does not break the plugin!!
    • Support for LWC!
    • Support for Towny!
    • Support for WorldEdit!
    • Support for WorldGuard!
    • Simple Permissions!
    • Easy-to-remember Commands!
    • Signs can be placed on shelves!
    • Enable/disable certain shelves, all shelves with the same name, or Enable/Disable all shelves by default!
    • Multiple players can access the same shelf at the same time!
    • Disable selling books/paper to villagers!
    • Allow books/maps/paper/etc to only be stored in shelves! (No chests!)
    • Shelves have ownership!! Ops are owners of every shelf.
    Check out other videos by bizburns01 (Luigi_Vampa)!

    Usage and FAQ
    Click here to learn about the Config, Permissions, Commands, Economy, and read the FAQ!

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    Cliquez ici! (Merci, nefald!)

    Last notes
    Thanks to Deathmarine for his awesomeness and code samples he let me learn off of!

    Thanks to all the awesome people who made videos about BookShelf!

    Thanks to lvk and softvelvet for the donations

Recent Reviews

  1. MitchTalmadge
    Version: 1.8
    Hi! I am the original author of this plugin (thank you for updating it!) and I'm just writing to let everyone know that I have given permission to Shrek5Coming2019 to maintain this plugin from here on out. You can find the new official page at

  2. ExTheMW3
    Version: 1.8
    Pls, you must create the file plugin.yml for the plugin to work xd without that file, the plugin does not work