Boom (Disguised TNT Blocks) 1.1.2

Disguise TNT as any block! Excellent Donor Perk! [Vault Support]

  1. Shadowwolf97
    Disguise TNT as any full block!​


    • Disguise TNT as any full block
    • Explode TNT when broken with anything but shears
    • Simple configuration
    • No setup, just add boom.jar and forget.
    • Just shift+right click on TNT with a block in your hand to make a hidden trap that will ignite with redstone or a pickaxe! Only shears can disarm the explosives.
    • Vault integration to charge players for creating traps!
    To set a TNT trap, simply place TNT, then right click on it with another block while sneaking!

    For more information about permissions, view the projects GitHub page

    Put the boom.jar file into your server's plugin directory. A default config file will be created on the first run.

    This project is licensed using the MIT Open Source license.
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Recent Updates

  1. Added Lang
  2. Economy Support
  3. Auto Updater!

Recent Reviews

  1. Starkillerv1
    Version: 1.1.2
    I Love this plugin 10/10
  2. CubyMaster
    Version: 1.1.2
    Gracias por los vídeos ahora si se entiende como funciona es muy creativo y diabólico a la vez jaja lo recomiendo!!

    Thanks for the videos now if you understand how it works is very creative and diabolical while haha recommend !!
  3. Pixlation
    Version: 1.1.2
    This resource is extremely useful for many aspects of minecraft servers specially cool for a tool plugin haha! Also great add-on to factions for traps and more. Cant wait to see this plugin grow!

    Thx Pixl
  4. A_Brave_Panda
    Version: 1.1.2
    Amazing plugin,

    1 Suggestion: Make the TNT explode time editable! :P

    This feature would make it so if tnt time is set to one, it would explode on instant break.
  5. StayUber
    Version: 1.0
    Awesome plugin! Honestly flawless, and I love the idea. I will definitely be adding this plugin to my Faction server!