Boom Parkour [MINIGAME] 1.0

A parkour mini-game

  1. KlasterStorm
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Boom Parkour is the parkour mini game the purpose of which is to get a certain amount of points.
    You receive points when you stay at diamond block. This block is randomly spawned on map and its location is changed every 10 seconds.
    When you fall down you lose 20 points.
    If you death you lose 35 points.
    (values can be changed in config)

    Player who reached 500 points win the game.


    To diversify the game you can add some items that will be spawned on map. Some of them are displayed below.

    When you use a snowball you will receive a damage resistance, an explosion will be created and you will be thrown up.
    Creeper Egg
    Creepers are not aggressive toward players. It just explode when you approach it too close.
    Experience Bottle
    If you pick up experience you will be killed immediately.

    Plugin is compatible only with version 1.8.7 - 1.8.9
    1. Put jar file into plugins folder and start the server.
    2. Join the server and write a command /bps chest
    3. Set the chest in any place of the world
    4. Put in this chest items that will be spawned on arena.
    5. Create arena with /bps create <name>
    6. Set the lobby /bps lobby <arena>
    7. Get wand (/bps mark) and select a region as shown below.

    8. Write command /bps select <arena>
    9. Set the senter of arena /bps center <arena>
    10. Start the arena /bps start <arena>
    11. Add a sign to join the game.

    [bps] on first line
    arena name on second line

    /boomparkour or /bp
    /bp join <arena> - join the game
    /bp leave - leave the game
    /bp list - list of active games

    You can use "/hub", "/lobby", "/leave" in game to leave the game

    /boomparkoursetup or /bps

    /bps start <game> - Start the game, make it available for players
    /bps stop <game> - Stop the game, make available
    /bps info <game> - Get information about game
    /bps list - show all games
    /bps reload - stop all games and reload the plugin

    /bps create <name> - create a new arena
    /bps setlobby <arena> - set lobby of arena
    /bps select <arena> - create region for arena
    /bps center <arena> - set center of arena
    /bps players <arena> max/min <count> - set maximum and minimum amount of players
    /bps fire <game> - Run the game
    /bps chest - set the chest
    /bps mark - get wand for region selection

    Permission for command /bp
    Permission for /bp list
    Allow to use signs
    Players with this permission will receive item that allow to run the game by right click
    Allow to use any command in game

    Permission foor command /bps

    Called when player joins the game. Event can be cancelled.

    Called when player leave the game.

    When game starts.

    When game ends. You can get winner by method getWinner()


    Game - the instance of arena
    getName() - get arena name
    a() - get ArenaInstaller
    contains(p) - check contains this game specified player
    containsSpectator(p) - check contains this game specified player as spectator
    getPlayers() - get players on this arena
    getScoredPlayers() - list of player in specific order - by scores
    getState() - get game state
    interrupt(winner) - stop the game and set the winner. If winner is null, game will be stopped immediately
    join(p) - join player to this game
    joinSpectator(p) - join player as spectator
    leave(p) - leave player
    leaveSpectator(p) - leave spectator
    strike(ignore) - Run the game. If ignore is true amount of players will be ignored.
    getScore(p) - get player score
    setScore(p, score) - set player score
    start() - same as /bps start
    stop() - same as /bps stop

    ArenaInstaller - contains all game parameters
    getLobby() - get lobby location
    getCenter() - get center
    getWorld() - get world of arena
    getRegion() - get region of arena
    getMaxPlayers() - get maximum amount of players
    getMinPlayers() - get minimum amount of players

    static getChest() - get chest with items
    static getChestLocation() - get location of chest

    static Game getGame(player) - get game of player
    static Game spectatorOf(player) - get game player spectate on

    static getGame(name) - get game instance by name
    static List<Game> getJoinableGames() - get games available for players
    static List<Game> getRunningGames() - list of running games
    static List<String> getAllGames() - list of all games
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