Boost | Unique new minigame (1.12 - 1.18.2) 1.19.2

Minigame - Boost others off their platforms to win.

  1. 1.17.0 - Multiple start points

    Boost now supports multiple start points
    Each game or arena now loads from an array of start spawn points. You can now build multiple starting platforms in any arena and set a start spawn point on each. Players will be distributed to them randomly at the start of the game.
    Instead of having players spread out from a central platform, you could have players come to the centre from multiple outer platforms.

    Note that the random system does not currently guarantee that players will be distributed to the start points evenly. For each player a start spawn is chosen randomly without any relation to the start spawn chosen for each other player.

    Current config.yml file will be updated automatically
    Your current single start spawn will be moved to the new array and the only entry for each arena and named "Start1". You can now add more start points for any arena and change the location of any configured start point.

    New and modified commands:
    • "/boost setstart <game> <startNode>" - A name is now required for a start spawn point in <startNode>. If you use an existing name then that start point is set to the new position. If you use a new name then a new start spawn point is defined. This name is used in the config.yml file.
    • "/boost deletestart <game> <startNode>" - Delete the named start spawn point.
    • "/boost setspread <game> <startNode> <spread>" - A start point name is now required as each start spawn point has its own spread.
    • "/boost testtp <game> <lobby/loss/start> <startNode>" - Test your configuration by teleporting yourself to a configured spawn point. When you are testing a "start" point you must provide its name in <startNode>.
    Manual fix
    While the Boost plugin does what it can to update your configuration with new items, it cannot fix the modified messages in messages.yml.
    • If you have made no changes to messages.yml, you can delete it and Boost will generate a file with the latest content.
    • If you have made changes, I recommend you edit the file and remove the "command_usage_admin:" section along with the nested entries beneath it, and remove the "start_spawn_set:" and "spread_set:" messages (or the whole "messages:" section along with the nested entries beneath it). Following those edits, use the command "/boost updateconfig" to insert the correct entries.
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