Boost | Unique new minigame (1.12 - 1.18.2) 1.19.2

Minigame - Boost others off their platforms to win.

  1. 1.18.0 - Hit flying players, Click to win

    This release has been delayed nearly a month. A family member is very ill.

    Hit flying players

    You can now directly target other players, including those already flying through the air. This had always been my intention for the original game design but realised only now.

    Directly targeting players is enabled in all games by default but you can toggle it off if it does not suit your game. A friend and user of the plugin has pointed out that you may not want this enabled in a parkour style map where players could team to boost each other higher.
    /boost targetplayers <game> <on/off>

    NOTE: When enabled, this feature also enables you to hit other players through platforms.

    Click to win

    You can set a block type and/or sign that a player must click to win a parkour or race style game, instead of reaching a ceiling height. This opens up game arena design such that arenas do not need to be vertically oriented for parkour or race games.

    To set a type of block that the player must click to win, hold the block and run:
    /boost setwinblock <game>

    To create a sign that the player must click to win, face a sign and run:
    /boost setsign win <game>

    NOTE: Games with a win sign still require a ceiling to be set, but you can make this ceiling have no effect by setting it far above the height that players can reach. Alternatively, you can allow both a ceiling and click-to-win in the same game.

    Specified game type

    Each Boost game configuration now has a specified game type being one of:
    • Elimination - original Boost last man standing.
    • Elimination_race - two ways to win.
    • Race - race other players to the top or to the win block/sign.
    • Parkour - reach the top or the win block/sign.
    This makes it easier to understand the configuration and enables Boost to check that you have the correct configuration to suit the type of game that you want.

    To set the game type, run:
    /boost setgametype <game> <game type>

    For existing games, Boost will determine the game type from your current configuration and set the appropriate game type.

    NOTE: Currently the "Parkour" mode is no different to "Race". The future plan is that Parkour will not allow boosting of other players and will run continuously, allowing players to join at any time.
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