Boost | Unique new minigame (1.12 - 1.18.2) 1.19.2

Minigame - Boost others off their platforms to win.

  1. 1.19.2 - Fix leaderboards

    The leaderboards were not filtering out players that joined but quit and therefore had 0 games or a 0 time (for parkour).
    The biggest problem was a parkour course leaderboard where the top spots were taken by players with their 0 time because they never completed the course.
    Leaderboards now filter out the invalid entries.

    Also did a minor reformat of some messages in messages.yml. You won't see these unless you rename or erase your messages.yml and generate a new one to amend or use.
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  2. 1.19.1 - Time stats for parkour

    Time to win

    Boost now records your time to complete a Boost parkour map.
    Leader board and player stats will now show players' best time, last run time and average time.

    Only parkour map styles use the new time stats, so leader board and stats commands must specify the arena or map name, and that game must be configured to the PARKOUR game type.
    e.g. If "parkourMap1" is a parkour map then use:
    /boost top monthly parkourMap1
    /boost top parkourMap1
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  3. 1.19.0 - Parkour mode

    PARKOUR game type
    With this release the `PARKOUR` game type or mode is now functional and distinct from the `RACE` game type.
    Unlike the other game types, parkour games do not involve direct PvP competition.
    • A game configured with `game_type: PARKOUR` now runs continuously and players can join at any time. There is no need to queue for a group to form. Players can join while others are already...
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  4. 1.18.0 - Hit flying players, Click to win

    This release has been delayed nearly a month. A family member is very ill.

    Hit flying players

    You can now directly target other players, including those already flying through the air. This had always been my intention for the original game design but realised only now.

    Directly targeting players is enabled in all games by default but you can toggle it off if it does not suit your game. A friend and user of the plugin has pointed out that you may not want this enabled in a parkour...
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  5. 1.17.1 - Even player distribution

    This is a minor improvement to the multiple start-spawn update in 1.17.

    The distribution of players to start spawns at the start of a game in 1.17 was purely random, which meant it was theoretically possible (but unlikely) that everyone could spawn on the same platform.

    This update ensures even distribution of players across the available start spawns. If you have 4 start spawns and 8 players you will get exactly 2 players at each start spawn.

    There were no known bugs in 1.17 and this is...
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  6. 1.17.0 - Multiple start points

    Boost now supports multiple start points
    Each game or arena now loads from an array of start spawn points. You can now build multiple starting platforms in any arena and set a start spawn point on each. Players will be distributed to them randomly at the start of the game.
    Instead of having players spread out from a central platform, you could have players come to the centre from multiple outer platforms.

    Note that the random system does not currently guarantee that players will be...
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  7. 1.16.1 - Fix stats sign

    The addition of game name checking stopped the player statistics sign click check from querying the right data. This update fixes that.

    Also updated the `/boost setsign` commands to take the optional game name at the end and create game arena specific leader board or statistics signs.
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  8. 1.16.0 - Per-arena player stats

    Boost now records per-arena statistics:
    Players' win/loss statistics are now recorded both overall and separately for each game arena or map. Place holders and query commands have been extended to accommodate fetching per-arena stats as well as the previous overall stats.

    New PAPI place holders:
    • %boost_top_<period>_<position>_<stat>_<game>% in addition to the previous %boost_top_<period>_<position>_<stat>%
    • %boost_player_<period>_<stat>_<game>% in addition to the previous...
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  9. 1.15.1 - Queue countdown PAPI place holder

    Apologies for dropping another update right after the last.
    I had overlooked one of the new PAPI place holders that was intended to be added.

    %boost_game_<game>_time% - shows the remaining queuing time until the specified game starts. You can show your game-start countdown on a hologram or similar. This will return an empty value if the game is not queuing or does not yet have the minimum players queued.
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  10. 1.15.0 - Spot those boosters and new place holders

    Spot those boosters!
    Now players are set glowing (the white outline) during the cooldown period after they click to boost themselves or others. Now players can find their opponents more easily, but only momentarily.
    Admin can use the command `/boost toggleglow` to turn this ON or OFF.

    GUI join button place holders
    The join button for each game in the GUI can have new place holders in the item name or lore.
    • %players% - players queuing in the...
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