BossBar Announcer/Advertiser add-on for LibsHungergames 1.2

Send messages on the boss bar

  1. Pyr0x3n
    Add a Boss bar to advertise/broadcast messages from the config.yml. Stop advertising when the game starts.

    This plugin:
    • Broadcast an motd, if chosen in the config.yml.
    • Broadcast an unlimited amount of messages.
    • Support colors
    • Doesn't work without libhungergames
    The boss bar messaging will only send messages/advertisements until the game has reched a certain event and will stop just after this event is reached . Then the the boss bar will disappear for all players.

    This is meant to advertise players i.e. just before the fight start for real, leaving players with full attention while fighting.

    configure accordingly in config.yml

    Player joining the game after invincibility wear of (spectators) will not see the boss bar advertisements, we let them spectating in peace! If you chose so in config.yml

    This plugin require: Lib's Hungergames, protolLib.

    Tested and build around: spigot #1487, LibsHungergames 5.4.9 & 5.5, ProtocolLib 3.4.0 snapshot.

    Works with 1.7 to 1.8

    Credit to Libraryaddict for the BossBarAPI.

    Where can I see this plugin in action:

    Code (Text):

    # The messages to be dispalyed above the bossbar.
    # No amount limit, just use dash "-" before each new messages. Maximum leng 64 chararcters.
      - '&bThis is your first &amessage!'
      - '&aTo buy kits, check the the webstore'
      - '&aThis message number 3'
      - '&aAn other message'
      - '&aWell well, more messages'

    # Interval between messages.
    interval: 5

    # Do you want a motd displayed above the bossbar.
    motd: true

    # This is the motd message. You can use the variable %player%.
    motdMessage: '&eGlad to see you again, %player%'

    # Which event will stopp the messages. Only 1 can be true....But all could false.
    # If 2 or more are true, the earliest event will overide the latest.
    gameStartEvent: false
    invincibilityWearOffEvent: true
    feastSpawnedEvent: false
    feastAnnouncedEvent: false
    playerWinEvent: false  #why would you turn that to true? really....

    # Are later joiners aible to see the messages
    spectatorsSeeMessages: true

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