Bossbar Temperature 1.2

Simulate temperatures and weather using the bossbar.

  1. AnarchistDev
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    • 1.13
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    Bossbar Temperature
    Bossbar Temperature is a simple and lightweight plugin that gives your server an additional RPG feel. The plugin is easy to use and fully configurable: you simply set the minimum and maximum temperatures, what time of day is the hottest, and the plugin will traverse these temperatures over the ingame day, simulating real life hot days and cold nights.

    Default Config
    Code (Text):

    # Layout of bossbar message (colour codes are enabled)
    # %celsius% and %fahrenheit% are replaced with calculated values
    layout: "&bWinter &7| &b%celsius%C &7| &c%fahrenheit%F"
    enabled: true
    # Ticks to update temperature (default 5s)
    # This can only be changed while the server is offline
    tickrate: 100
    # Min and max temperatures in celsius
    min-temperature: 0
    max-temperature: 30
    # Hottest time of ingame day (in ticks, 0-24,000)
    peak-time: 6000
    # Name of world to activate temperatures on
    world-name: "world"

    /temp reload
    - Reload the configuration file
    /temp set <min/max> <celsius>
    - Set the minimum or maximum temperatures (in degrees celsius)
    /temp peaktime <ticks>
    - Set the time of day in ticks of the peak temperature e.g. 6000 for midday

    If you have any questions or find any bugs, please do not hesitate to let me know. Enjoy!

    - Anarchist


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