BossBarSet 0.8

Make better announcements to your server!

  1. Downgraded back to 0.8 because I uploaded a version thats not working :/

    0.8.1 is not working, sorry
  2. 0.8: Start bossbar!

    Added 2 new config options:
    Code (Text):
    start-bar-enabled: true
    start-bar: '&cThis is a starting boss bar, EDIT ME!'
    NOTE: As of right now you cannot put placeholders in the start-bar. It may be coming in a future update! (Don't count on it though) you could try to use my other plugin to do this!

    NOTE: At one point I was having problems with placeholders. If this happens to you, first make sure your PlaceholderAPI...
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  3. Boss on join

    Finally made it so that if there is a boss bar active when someone joins, they will see it :)
    (This is not the boss bar on server start update yet)
  4. Added placeholders

    You can now use PlaceHolderAPI to put placeholders in the boss bar messages!
    Thanks to @GiuseGamerMC for the suggestion!

    PlaceholderAPI is now required!
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  5. Added help menu

    Added the /bossbarset help menu.
    Also added some version numbers on enable and in /bossbarset

    Hope the menu looks good to you guys! Command Menu.png
  6. Added keep-bar

    Added keep-bar to the config, which will replace/keep the previous bar when doing /boss
    WARNING: The first boss bar may not be able to be removed!

    You may have to delete your config file, or you can add this:
    Code (Text):
    keep-last-bar: FALSE
    You can change the FALSE, but they can only be TRUE or FALSE (not case sensitive)
  7. Added config

    Added config options to change the bar color and the bar style.
    Also added /breload Which reloads the config (requires permission bossbarset.reload)

    bar-color is the color of the bar.
    options (case sensitive): BLUE GREEN PINK PURPLE RED WHITE YELLOW
    Default is WHITE

    bar-style is the kind of bar. What this does is it makes it divided into parts.
    options (case sensitive): SEGMENTED_10 SEGMENTED_12 SEGMENTED_20 SEGMENTED_6 SOLID
    Default is SOLID
  8. Fixed chat message

    The chat message had the color code instead of the color.
  9. Added color code support!

    Added color code support!
    That's it.