BossShopPro Editor 0.3

Standalone web tool that allows the easy creation of powerful shops and menus.

  1. Blackixx
    Native Minecraft Version:

    What is it?

    The BossShopPro Editor is a powerful user-friendly web application, which makes setting up shops for the plugin BossShopPro way easier.

    It requires Spigot 1.13 and above. If you use an older Spigot build, use the old BossShopProConfigure desktop application instead.

    How to access the tool?
    Simply click the Spigot Download Button, to access the web application.

    The BossShopPro Editor web application combines the advantages of editing the raw config file and using the old configurator tool.

    You can very quickly edit and modify shops using the "Shop Configuration" (left) panel, while the "Configuration Assistant" (right) provides a useful GUI which helps you out if you do not know how to set something up manually.

    The "Configuration Assistant" always shows the shopitem currently selected by you and makes editing the shopitem really simple. bspw2.PNG

    Neat features, like text auto-completion (for material names, potion effects, enchantments and more, speed up your work.

    A preview for formatted text is provided.


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Recent Reviews

  1. sklm
    Version: 0.3
    Is there any source code?

    I want to translate it into Chinese.Is there any source code?

    I want to translate it into Chinese.
  2. Wumfie
    Version: 0.3
    Once you get used to the new UI, you soon realise it is SOO much better. Far more responsive, fast and the editing system is always consistent and snappy. Very pleased.
  3. PiggiesGoSqueal
    Version: 0.3
    It's really difficult to learn and personally I was a much bigger fan of the 1.12 and below version. However, I am realizing this one's qualities and once you get used to it, you can get work even faster than with the last tool.

    Great and I definitely recommend! Just be sure you're willing to spend a 1+ hours or so figuring it out (depending how experienced you are with plugins, GUIs, etc).
  4. TemperFire
    Version: 0.3
    A really great upgrade to the previous editor!
    It is a bit of an adjustment to what you are use to in the old java program, but it's not hard to figure out. Really looking forward to future updates on this!
  5. Instantout
    Version: 0.3
    I give this 5 stars, yes it's a startup and yes it seems like more features need to be added but what makes this great
    is 1: No more needing to wait for updates when it can be updated on the fly
    2: no more needing to download, since its on the web.
    3: no more having to do crazy stuff by hand.
    4: the style is more modern.
    I love the Blackixx plugins and what he creates because i know it's going to be good quality and the ideas that people give will be thought about before they are added.
    yes some updates might take a while, but you know its going to be good.
    not saying this because i'm a fan. Compared to most developers i have seen. Blackixx is top rated but people don't recognize what a good developer is. only on how a plugin's Overview should look like.