BotTest 0.2

Prevents chat spam and bot chat spamming on join

  1. sirNikolas
    Experimental plugin! May contain bugs!


    The Captcha-like plugin generates a random item set in an inventory which a player must click the correct one before being able to chat, move, etc.
    If they click the wrong one it will kick them a number of times, and perma-ban on the last (the numbers are adjustable from v0.2). The items are randomized and the display changes for the "PRESS ME" string, making it harder to create auto-scripts to bypass it. I have also added the capability to prevent bots from chatting while in the gui. So workarounds like scripts and quickly pasting between inventories will only result in it being nullified (same with commands).

    Config.yml explained:
    Code (Text):

    type: join - can be changed to first, this will either be enabled upon every join or on first time join only
    times: 5 - how many times a person can mess up clicking the right item (Realistically it should be 1 chance only...)
    slots: 9 - adjustable amount of slots (has to be a multiple of 9, max 54)
    ban: false - if a player is banned after clicking the wrong block X number of times (if false it won't ban at all only keep kicking)

    nospam: false - the nospam feature (still being developed)
    repeats: 2 - how many times a phrase can be repeated before they are blocked
    This is currently being developed and may act unstably. Essentially a player can say a phrase X times in a row after which they are forced to enter a random 3 digit sequence, which if wrong; they will be kicked

    Commands & Permissions
    Commands - Null

    • BotTest.Bypass - allows people to bypass the inventory bot test
    • BotTest.Spam - allows people to bypass the antispam

    • adjustable messages
    • Whatever you people want the most :p
    Thank You
    LethalHosting - providing an excellent test server (since my pc burns out to easily) [will be open to the public at a future date]

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