This Plugin allows your players to fill their XP into XP-Bottles.

  1. Zrips
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Version: 1.7.10 and up

    Originally version made by Sacnoth0 in bukkit website. Now its fully recoded with bunch of new features

    Out Dated For version 1.x
    • Put exp into Exp bottles with simple command
    • Put exp into Exp bottles by clicking on specific block
    • Exchange exp to exp bottles by interacting with defined block id (enchant table by default)
    • Exchange exp to exp bottles by interacting with particularly defined block in world
    • Pay money for each exchange
    • Use items to create exp bottles
    • Create custom exp bottles with custom name ant lore, which ones store custom amount of exp
    • Disable exp trading with villagers (not fully tested)
    • Disable exp drop from mob spawners
    • Check how much exp you have
    • Check how much exp bottles you will need to level up
    • Check how much exp bottles you will need to reach specific level
    • Give your exp to some one else
    • Create custom recipes to craft exp bottles or something else
    1. Place BottledExp.jar in the /plugins folder of your server.
    2. Enjoy!
    Code (Text):

      # Shows if there is available new version on login with bottledexp.versioncheck permission node
      ShowNewVersion: true
      # Language file you want to use
      Language: EN
      # How much player will spend converting his xp to bottles
      xpCost: 10
      # How much player will get xp from xp bottle
      xpEarn: 10
      # Do you want to use custom items when converting xp to xp bottles
      useItems: false
      # Id for custom item, by default its empty glass bottle
      consumedItem: 374
      # How many to consume when converting. This is for every bottle you will get
      amountConsumed: 1
      # Do you want to charge money for xp conversion
      useMoney: false
      # How much it will gonna cost
      moneyCost: 100
      # Do you want to show extra information for how much its gonna cost to level up
      useBottleMoney: false
      # How much one xp bottle costs
      bottleCost: 3.25
      # Do you want to show exp consumed on enchant
      ShowEnchantExp: true
      # Do you want to show all enchantments player gets after enchanting item
      ShowEnchant: false
      # Do you want to use new 1.8 enchant system
      UseThreeButtonEnchant: true
        # How much exp will be lost during trasfer in percentage
        LostDurringTransfer: 0
        Use: false
        # Do you want to use right click, if false then left will be used, good for block with interactions like enchant table
        UseRightClick: false
        # Id of block will be used to convert xp to bottles
        BlockId: 116
        # Id of item in hand when you want to convert xp by clicking block
        HandItemId: 374
        # How many bottles to give everytime
        GiveEveryTime: 1
        # How many times to multiply given bottles by clicking shift
        Multiplayer: 10
        # When this set to true there will be option to craft special expbottle by placing empti glass bottle into crafting
        # You can consume it by right clicking it
        Use: false
      # When this set to true, all trades with villgers involving exp will be disabled
      DisableVillagerExpTrade: false
      # When this set to true,destrying mob spawners wont drop exp
      DisableMobSpawnerExp: false
    • The plugin will create a config.yml in which you can customize the 'price' of an bottle.
    • It it possible to change which item is consumed when filling XP into bottles, or whether it should be completely disabled. (on by default).
    • One is also able to choose how much money is needed to fill XP into bottles.
      • This feature requires Vault and an installed economy-plugin.
    • You are also able to change several language options.


    - allows to use /bottle stats command bottledexp.command.stats.others - allows to use /bottle stats (plaayername) command
    bottledexp.command.until - allows to use /bottle until [level] command bottledexp.command.get - allows to use /bottle get [amount] command bottledexp.command.get.max - allows to use /bottle get max command bottledexp.command.give - allows to use /bottle give command bottledexp.expcontainer.craft - allows to craft exp containers
    bottledexp.interact - allows to interact with exchange block
    bottledexp.custominteract - allows to interact with custom exchange block

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  2. 1.12
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    A very cool plugin ! =)
    I have nothing to say, it's really compete.
    (Recipes --> cool)
  2. carklens
    uff demasiado bueno hace tiempo que quería un complemento así :D muchas gracias hermano 5 estrellas para ti :P
  3. Ninoo
    Its a very good plugin, the only thing i have to discuss is that it doesnt support 1.11 so please add it to it!
  4. xSiege
    Works well! Please add a function to withdraw a certain amount of EXP with it using /bottle get <xp points>
    Also how do you do the custom lore with custom amount thing?
    You stated in the Features thing: "Create custom exp bottles with custom name ant lore, which ones store custom amount of exp"
  5. HydroTekZ
    This plugin works good and it seems to work as it should But can you please add a translation feature into the plugin?
  6. eepgames
    Amazing plugin! But is there a way to add it on to signs or something, like [XP] get *amount* or something
  7. jaaybeezy
    I like it, only somehow one of my players got a refund because his inventory was full an received 20,000 levels.. any Ideas?
  8. SonOfLiberty796
    I've always loved this plugin and I'm happy to see you still working on this fully and not to mention releasing a version 2.0! Great work man, keep it up!
  9. ColdCityMc
    Version: 1.9.8
    Works Like A Charm. I suggest adding a primary command for Ops, so they don't have to add each command to their own group or user.
  10. DimasEveryWhere
    Version: 1.9.8
    Thanks for updating this plugin, saved my live :D