BottomLine - the new alternative to essentials 1.2.10

The new safe, ever-growing essential plugin, offering a collection of commands and events

  1. Banjo226
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.10


    • Vault -> Not required, although highly recommended
    • Permissions Plugin -> Not required, although highly recommended. Group Manager is the most recommended. Group Manager has become outdated and is unfortunately dead now. I would recommend you use PermissionsEx or another fluently working permissions plugin hooked up with Vault
    The plugin has been tested with group manager and vault.

    For Commands & Permissions reference, refer to the spoilers below
    The spoilers also contains the installation of the plugin, the config options, command usage, events, and permissions
    Most of these sections are being pushed to the wiki, which you can find here:

    All known errors can be solved here. If you have an error that isn't listed here, please open a ticket here.

    Commands have been pushed over to the wiki
    Permissions have been pusher over to the wiki
    Configuration files have been pushed over to the repo
    Kit guide has now been introduced in the wiki
    The plugin utilises the Bukkit events with one custom event, with more to come.
    • Config Util; updates settings for the per player file
    • Weather Listener; changes the weather change, this can be changed in the configuration file
    • Death Listener; disables or enables the default Minecraft death messages
    • New Player Listener; listens for new players and gives them a kit if specified in config and broadcasts the welcome message
    • Join & leave listener; sets join and leave message, configurable. Also sends player the MOTD
    • Format Chat; change the chat format for groups or everyone, configurable
    • Change chat; changes the grammar unless the player has permission for the exception, and has a swear filter
    • CPS; Counts the cps and if it is over the limit specified in the configuration file, do an action which can also be changed in config
    • Respawn; Respawns the player at the spawn location specified in the config, if it doesn't exist they will spawn where the native server teleports them to.
    • Spam filter; Checks if the last message matches the previous one, if it does it blocks it. This can be disabled
    The plugin has its own economy system, with a vault connector so it is compatible with vault. It is suggested you do have vault for the greatest and least-buggiest BottomLine experience.

    The plugin generates a few files that all do different things. The files are the main config (config.yml), the data file (data.yml) which keeps all of the toggling data and some more data, the warps & jails file (warps.yml, jails.yml), economy file (economy.yml), and the per player config files which keep all of the players data.

    • This plugin uses bStats metrics to keep track of who is using the plugin. You have the option to stop using these features in the config, which is enabled by default. Some of the stats which is included are the following;
      • amount of servers using the plugin
      • locations of servers
      • players on the server using bottomline
      • version of bottomline
      • and more (check their website for more information)
    • Current Stats - Server and player amount in the last week (you can help this grow!)

    For all license details, click this text.

    For the source code, click this text.
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Recent Updates

  1. Small changes
  2. 1.2.8: bug fixes
  3. update 1.2.7

Recent Reviews

  1. DillonB07
    Version: 1.2.10
    This seems like a decent plugin, however I would really like the ability to disable certain features like the kit and economy commands. Overall, really great plugin though it doesn't seem suitable for SMP's like my own,
  2. LegendsServer
    Version: 1.2.10
    Very nice plugin and it still works with 1.14… But I would like to see a update for 1.14 especially with more economy features like automatic pays to online players.

    keep up!
  3. RoWe_
    Version: 1.2.10
    A good think (maybe just for me? I don't know. :D) is to include a Book of Rules. Would be really nice because i like books. :3 Just kidding but it would be really cool if you can choose between the normal (LAME! :D) Rules or the Rule Book (Even cooler for me, just sayin'. :D)
  4. Leodur2006
    Version: 1.2.10
    1/2 of commands and features don't work, it's still a "good" plugin except it have many bugs etc...
  5. RoWe_
    Version: 1.2.8
    Really good Plugin. A really good alternative for Essentials. But i have one issue i can't explain. I added the Join and Leave message and just the Leave Message is working. Don't know why this happend. Any idea?
    1. Banjo226
      Author's Response
      ive just seen the same issue, ill look into it
  6. LegendsServer
    Version: 1.2.8
    Great plugin!

    Please add a function to pay fee, if a player is online. Like: Every 600 seconds the player earns 20 coins. This would be very helpful. Thanks :)

    Also a little input: Let the player pay tax. Like: Every Month each player will be taxed. This contains also to the rank.
  7. MacMasterMac
    Version: 1.2.7
    50% doesn't work. . .
    1. Banjo226
      Author's Response
      you must be using software which the plugin doesn't support: I've updated it now so hopefully it does now :)
  8. NewKaD
    Version: 1.2.7
    Love it!
  9. superjay204
    Version: 1.2.7
    I love this plugin! ;)
  10. MekliCZ
    Version: 1.2.7
    Nice plugin, but I'd like to see MySQL integration (because of working with economy on the web). Also, I'd like to disable few features, which is not possible now.