Bounty Hunter [Drop Head] [Customizable permission] 1.4

A very simple plugin to get bounty on players head

  1. AtomixSoldier
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    BountyHunter is a fully customizable plugin allowing players to set bounties on other players.

    - Set a bounty on someone head

    - Auto set a bounty on someone when he kill another player (autoset must be enabled in the config.yml)
    - Drop player head's (only wanted player)
    - Customizable permission node multiplier

    Depends and requirements
    BountyHunter is depending from API :

    /bounty [player] [amount] -> Set up a bounty on someone.
    /bounty list -> List all bounties.
    /bounty addmultiplier [permissionNode]:[multiplier] -> Add a custom permission node multiplier
    /bounty cfg [path] [value] -> Modify config. List of different path can be found at the end of this section
    /resetbountydb -> Delete all bounties.
    /deletebounty [player] -> Delete the bounty on the player.

    Configuration path are :
    - bounty minamount
    - bounty database use
    - bounty database name
    - bounty database host
    - bounty database user
    - bounty database password
    - bounty autoset enabled
    - bounty autoset amount
    - bounty drophead
    - faction preventbountyset
    - faction preventbountyclaim
    - faction preventautoset

    e.g : /bounty cfg bounty autoset enabled true
    /bounty cfg faction preventbountyset false

    Permissions :
    - bountyhunter.setbounty -> Allow user to set a bounty

    - bountyhunter.setbounty.[playername] -> Allow user to set a bounty on the defined player
    - bountyhunter.list -> Allow user to use /bounty list
    - bountyhunter.claimbounty -> Allow the user to claim a bounty. If not set, the bounty will stay until someone else who have the permission kill the player
    - bountyhunter.claimbounty.playername -> Case sensitive, allow a player to claim bounties only on the defined player
    - bountyhunter.exempt -> Exempt the player from being automatically wanted when he kill a player
    - bountyhunter.addmultiplier -> Allow the user to add a custom permission node multiplier
    - bountyhunter.modify -> Allow the user to modify the file configuration of bounty hunter
    - bounty.reset -> Allow use of /resetbountydb
    - bounty.delete -> Allow use of /deletebounty

    #The minimum amount for a bounty
    minAmount: 250
    #Database settings
    #Set to false if you don't want to use a database
    use: false
    #The database name
    name: minecraft
    #The host, localhost by default
    host: localhost
    #The user, must have the right for reading/writing
    user: plugin
    #The user password
    password: plugin​
    #Autoset defined bounties when a player kill another one (exempt a player by bountyhunter.exempt.autoset)
    enabled: false
    #Amount of the autoset bounty
    amount: 1500
    #Set multiple bounty on a player (only with the autoset)
    allowMultiple: false​
    #Should wanted player head's drop
    dropHead: false​
    #Prevent players to set a bounty on player from same faction
    preventBountySet: true
    #Prevent players to claim bounty on player from same faction
    preventBountyClaim: true
    #Prevent the autoset to set a bounty when a player kill a player from same faction
    preventAutoset: true​
    This file allow you to set custom permission node with a multiplier. It means that when a player kill a wanted player, if he have the permission node, it will multiply the bounty reward by the multiplier set. There are no limits about how much permissions you can set.
    #Add your custom permission her (for multiplier only)
    #- bountyhunter.multiplier.yourpermissionnode:multiplier
    # e.g : - <-- Player with this permission would receive the bounty reward*2
    # DO NOT SET NUMBER IN yourpermissionnode
    # e.g : - bountyhunter.multiplier.1:2 <-- This will not work and result as an error
    # If a player have 2 permission node, he will get a total of (reward*firstMultiplier)*secondMultiplier
    #Player without a permission will receive the basic amount set for the bounty
    - bountyhunter.multiplier.hunter:4

    Please do not ask for help in the review, use the plugin discussion thread instead.

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Recent Reviews

  1. xvrlee
    Version: 1.4
    Add support 1.7.10
  2. jk526
    Version: 1.4
    A fantastic Plugin! Slight flaw in that when a player has a bounty on their head they can use an alt or make a deal with a friend to kill them and half the money. Would be great if people on the same IP address couldn't claim bounties.
  3. KiritoHellWolf98
    Version: 1.4
    i like this plugin but is there a why to make it so op players can still have a bounty get on them and a why to add more money to some one
  4. mlgcraftnetwork
    Version: 1.4
    Hey I really like this plugin its amazing! But it would be awesome if you added an auto bounty system. So every specified amount of time it selects a random online player and gives him a bounty between 2 specified numbers. You should also make it so you can configure how much players need to be online for this system to start working. I really hope you will add this feature!
    1. AtomixSoldier
      Author's Response
      HI ! Thanks for the review :) I would work on your idea, but it may take some time as I'm alone to dev an test it, and I don't have much time yet
  5. ItsFireball1122
    Version: 0.9
    Wow the Dev actually took my recommended idea! Appreciate it Vouch to the dev. This is a must have plugin as I see it, for pvp servers.
    1. AtomixSoldier
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the rewiew and for your nice idea ;) if you have anything else you think it should be good to add, tell me
  6. dawidperez
    Version: 0.8
    Very nice plugin and do you want a nice look for you spigot Page
    1. AtomixSoldier
      Author's Response
      Thanks, yeah sure I'll like to have a nice look, if you have anything that can help me ... :)
  7. ItsFireball1122
    Version: 0.6
    Nice idea's but maybe add a feature where if a person has a specified permission they get to have there own multiplier for heads. Useful for voting and donators.
    1. AtomixSoldier
      Author's Response
      Thank for the review, I'm gonna work on this idea