BountyHunters Legacy 2.2.6

Kill players, claim bounties!

  1. TeamRequiem
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    Source Code:
    Latest Builds are for 1.13+
    Latest Build for Legacy: 2.2.1

    • Simple, efficient & automatic bounty system
      • Players can set bounties on other players using a command.
      • Once the bounty is set, anyone can kill the target to claim the reward.
      • Commands all feature a tab completion system.
    • Highly configurable
      • World Blacklist
      • Player head drops when claiming bounty
      • Fully translatable (items & messages)
      • Much more..
    • Options to fight bounty abuse
      • Min & max rewards
      • Taxes when creating a bounty
      • Players can't claim their own bounties
      • Cooldown on bounty placement & on player targeting
      • Players can't claim bounties from friends/players in their town
    • Placeholders for PlaceholderAPI
      • %bountyhunters_<level/successful_bounties/claimed_bounties>%
      • %bountyhunters_<title/quote>%
      • %bountyhunters_progress%
      • %bountyhunters_before_level_up%
      • %bountyhunters_current_bounty%
    • Depends on Vault
      • Make sure you have an economy plugin installed.
    • Automatic Bounties: a bounty will drop onto whoever kills someone illegally with no bounty
    • Interactive Bounty Menu
    • Hunter Leaderboard
    • Features a tracking compass to hunt down your targets
      • Can be bought in the bounty menu
      • Displays a nice particle arrow towards your target
    • EXP system with cosmetic & currency leveling rewards (death quotes, titles)
    • Sound & particle effects
    • Open source & intuitive API for developers
    • Update checker & notifications
    • Metrics
    • /addbounty <player> <bounty> sets a bounty on a player.
    • /bounties opens the bounties GUI.
    • /hunters opens the hunter leaderboard.
    • /bounties quotes lists all owned death quotes.
    • /bounties titles lists all owned hunter titles.
    • /bounties reload reloads the plugin.
    • /bounties help shows the help page.
    • bountyhunters.list gives access to the bounty list.
    • bountyhunters.add gives access to bounty placement.
    • bountyhunters.claim allows to claim bounties.
    • bountyhunters.leaderboard gives access to the hunter leaderboard.
    • bountyhunters.admin gives access to admin commands.
    • bountyhunters.immunity prevents other players from setting a bounty on you.
    • bountyhunters.immunity.bypass bypasses the immunity perm node.
    • bountyhunters.untargetable prevents other players from targeting you.
    • bountyhunters.untargetable.bypass bypasses the untrackable perm node.
    • bountyhunters.quote allows to use quotes.
    • bountyhunters.title allows to use titles.

Recent Reviews

  1. PauwerfulMC
    Version: 2.2.6
    Many errors in the messages plugin and no 1.16 Support for the free support. Thats not cool :/
  2. IPenguinI
    Version: 2.2.6
    2.6.1 Doesn't work, Use 2.2.1

  3. Yom
    Version: 2.2.6
    Good plugin but theres no permission for allowing players to buy trackers? Noone can buy trackers, says not enough permissions but there's no permission for it? Whats the permission for players to buy trackers?
  4. guaz
    Version: 2.2.6
    Doesn't work for 1.16.5...
    I would like to rate this different, but it's outdated few years from now with support up to 1.14.
  5. SomeCookiesEh
    Version: 2.2.6
    Works on 1.16.4! The permissions seem to work fine as well. Players are loving the plugin! Thank you!
  6. ouncemaster
    Version: 2.2.6
    It works for opped players but don't know how to get it to work for un-opped players. it says doesn't have enough permissions.
  7. TermPlayz
    Version: 2.2.6
    A solid, polished Bounty Hunter plugin which fits exactly what I was looking for. Just one thing (sorry); anyway to allow offline player bounties?
  8. Zeminix
    Version: 2.2.6
    This resource is fairly decent, and I'm commenting here as I cannot seem to find a way also to suggest something to the dev. I'd like to see options for automatic bounties being set, such as bal top holder could automatically be bountied 1 time per week. Then it would be worth price.
  9. craftlike
    Version: 2.2.6
    Is a great resource but placeholders doesn't work! No support.. now i need to change plugin :(
  10. Christian341989
    Version: 2.2.6
    Looks Great However does not work on 1.12.X sadly...................................
    1. TeamRequiem
      Author's Response
      You'll need to use 2.2.1 to run BountyHunters Legacy on 1.12