BountyHunters Legacy 2.2.6

Kill players, claim bounties!

  1. [2.2.6] New options

    • Changed the way the player head in the bounty list GUI is calculated and configurated. (items.yml>GUI_PLAYER_HEAD), delete either the entire file or that config section to let the newest one generate on server startup.
    • Changed commands sent when a bounty is placed, increased, or claimed. Delete your config.yml to let the newest version generate on server startup.
    • Removed some messages from messages.yml, they are now in the...
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  2. [2.2.5] API, performance, bug fix

    • Fixed a bounty duplication glitch that would happen when the bounty creator is offline while the bounty is claimed.
    • Improved data change performance by caching player data.
    • Changed player data API (added some API for offline player data).
  3. [2.2.4] New option, bug fixes

    • Improved the bounty tracking compass. Right clicking the compass will display an arrow particle as long as you keep the item in your hand. The item display name will be updated as well.
    • Added an option to edit the login message when the player has a bounty on.
    • Fixed an issue with the tracking compass.
    • Removed the bounty physical rewards until further notice.
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  4. [2.2.3] Performance, Towny Support

    • Added an option to toggle on towny friendly fire (players can't claim bounties on players who are in the same town).
    • Improved memory usage by saving & unloading player data from the data map when players leave the server.
    • The Github source now gives the 1.13 src.
    • Removed useless files.
    • Improved wiki.
  5. [2.2.2] 1.14 Support

    • Added support for 1.14
    • This build only works with 1.13 and above
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  6. [2.2.1] New placeholder, bug fix

    • Fixed the default bounty-created message (wrong placeholder).
    • Added a %bountyhunters_currnet_bounty% PAPI placeholder.
    • Minor changes, check the repo for full changelogs.
  7. [2.2] API update, Leaderboard fix

    • Recoded the leaderboard. The amount of claimed bounties is now saved in the cache/leaderboard.yml file. Fixed a common issue with the hunters leaderboard.
    • Target particles now start 5s after the server boots.
    • Slightly changed default messages.
    • Added an option to disable death messages when a bounty is claimed/when an illegal kill is done.
    • Improved bounty commands (now support PlaceholderAPI, you can now set multiple commands).
    • Consider deleting your...
  8. [2.1.5] Metrics

    This update is not necessary.
    • Cleaned the repo & changed the plugin structure.
    • Added Metrics.
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  9. [2.1.4] Minor changes

    Keeping the jar posted on spigot up-to-date with the source code on GitHub. This update fixes some bugs including one with /bounties and changes some API stuff.
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  10. [2.1.3] 1.13 bug fix

    This updates fixes an important compatibility bug for 1.13. Only update if you are using a 1.13 server.
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