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A push bow and a to bow for your lobby server

  1. HardKill24
    Hello everyone !
    Today I upload a new Skript:

    When you are on your server you have 2 items:

    • PushBow: With this item, when you shoot a player with arrow, the victim was pushed up

    • TpBow: With this item, when you shoot in sky, and the arrow touch the ground, you are tp on the "victim block" -> Like EnderPeal

    PushBow: You push <player> in the air !
    • TpBow: Wooosh !

    • PushBow: pushbow.use
    • TpBow: tpbow.use

    Put the file into /plugins/Skript/scripts

    In the Skript:
    • Changes for PushBow:
    - True or False: Line 16
    - Allowed World: Line 17
    - Name of the Bow: Line 18
    - Slot of the Bow: Line 19
    - Push Power: Line 20
    - Prefix of the Bow: Line 21
    - Messages: Line 46 and 47
    • TpBow:
    - True or False: Line 24
    - Allowed World: Line 25
    - Name of the Bow: Line 26
    - Slot of the Bow: Line 27
    - Prefix of the bow: Line 28
    - Message: Line 29
    • Changes for Arrows:
    - Slot of the Arrows: Line 31

    In the chat:
    Type: /sk reload all

    For test just re-log on your server
    And use bows

    Test Server:
    [Premium | 1.8.8]

    Post your problems and your ideas into the discussion

    If you have an idea for a Skript add me on Skype: hardkill24

    I hope you'll enjoy my ressource !

    ^.^ *I'm French* ^.^