BowAimbot 1.0

Implements the "bowaimbot" hack used by most hacked clients ingame without cheating!

  1. TheySeeMeRolling
    Every wanted to use a hack that allows you to cheat without breaking the rules? Well you can now?

    This plugin provides a aimbot feature for arrows which will 100% of the time hit the target

    It works by getting when the player has shot a bow and gets the location of the arrow and teleports it to the nearest entity, but the thing is it just looks like a player has shot a bow normally with the arrow still going in the air upon teleport
    No permissions for a player to do this! But if you want permissions contact me and ill give you a custom version or create another resource with permissions!

    I made this because I was playing on a server and I was pvping a noob to decided to put on those sexy hacks and beat the s*** out of my but when he the fired the bow the arrow curled to me but when he shot it i was at a different position


Recent Reviews

  1. kamanabc123
    Version: 1.0
    Amazing plugin idea needs a bit more implemented but that does not take away from the idea would recommend checking it out! Awesome author even offered to make custom version, that is just awesome!