bPermissions v2.10.9

A superperms permissions manager for bukkit

  1. rymate1234
    codename_B (original dev)
    bPermissions 2.x - now under new management
    Welcome to bPermissions, a Superperms Manager for Bukkit! bPermissions focuses on being unique from the rest of the Permission managers. It's very simple to set up and use, it's lightning fast, fully featured, and has a great support team!


    Some features:
    • bPermissions has a gui client specifically designed to make running a server so easy that you'll forget that you ever used any other permissions plugin. Get it here!
    • bPermissions has a unique command structure, never before seen in a permission manager. It's best used for adding lots of nodes to a user or group from the console or in-game, less typing!
    • bPermissions has everything you would expect from a Permissions manager. Prefix and suffix support, inheritance, per-player permissions, multiworld support, promotion/demotion tracks, and even group priorities for multi-group setups.
    • Note - bPermissions only defines prefixes and suffixes. You need a chat plugin such as bChatManager for them to show up in chat.
    Video Tutorial

    Say you have a user called 'Bob' and you want to put him in the group 'admin' and give him the prefix 'awesome'.

    • /world yourmainworld - selects the world "yourmainworld"
    • /user bob - selects the user "bob"
    • /user setgroup admin - set bob's group as "admin"
    • /user meta prefix awesome - set bob's prefix to "awesome"
    You can do the same with groups!

    • /world yourmainworld - again, selects the world
    • /group admin - selects the group "admin"
    • /group addgroup moderator - makes the admin group inherit from the moderator group
    • /group meta prefix &c[Admin] - sets the admin prefix to "&c[Admin]"
    Some other commands are as follows

    • /permissions (or /bperms,/bp,/p) - general commands for bPermissions are prefixed by this
    • /permissions import pex - import a pex permissions.yml in the pex folder
    • /permissions reload - reloads your bPermissions files
    • /permissions save - if auto-save is false, this saves your perms
    • /permissions backup - backup your permissions
    • /permissions helpme - for the lazy among you, this spews out some basic permissions files into your folder.
    In order to use these commands, you'll need the permissions node bPermissions.admin

    Want more commands? We have some others over on the commands page. Check 'em out!

    World mirroring
    Worlds are mirrored like so:

    Code (Text):
    world_mirroring_to: world_mirroring_from
    world_nether: world
    world_the_end: world
    This duplicates the whole config for that world. Currently there's no way to have just the users or the groups mirrored, stay tuned for an update that adds this!

    bPermissions and EssentialsChat
    Allow me to put this issue to bed. Essentials Chat + bPermissions works for prefix and color.

    This guide is for current users of EssentialsChat and want to use bPermissions along with it.

    Players have colored rank prefixes and faction chat modes are also colored. All text can be colored by the players too using color codes such as &c.

    bPermissions\world\groups.yml ( code snippet )

    Code (Text):
    default: default
    ## Peasant ##
        - group.default
        - group.userannouncer
        - group.userauction
        - userannouncer
        - userauction
          priority: '100'
    ## Citizen ##
        - group.default
        - group.rank1
        - default
          priority: '200'
    It has nothing configured for prefix but the group names are important (default, rank1)

    Essentials\config.yml ( Code Snippet )

    Code (Text):
    change-displayname: true
    #add-prefix-suffix: false
      - chat.color
      - chat.format
      - chat.shout
      - chat.question
      radius: 0
        default: '&8&lPeasant &r&8{DISPLAYNAME}&7:&r {MESSAGE}'
        rank1: '&8&lCitizen &r&7{DISPLAYNAME}&7:&r {MESSAGE}'
        moderator: '&e&l[Mod] &r&3{DISPLAYNAME}&7:&r {MESSAGE}'
        admin: '&c&l[Admin] &r&e{DISPLAYNAME}&7:&r {MESSAGE}'
    Please direct all other Essentials support to their official support networks.

    How do I get support?
    First, we highly recommend you go read the FAQ page. If the answer isn't there, there's a few options of support.
    • Visit the #bananacode irc channel on irc.esper.net. Just head there, as your question, and wait for someone to help you. It might be a while before you get an answer, so be patient!
    • You can file a ticket. This is recommended if you don't have the time to hang around in the IRC or you have a bug report. Be prepared to check back to the ticket though, and make sure you attach your bPermissions groups and users yml files to the ticket.
    • Comment on the bPermissions main page.
    However you choose to get support, "pls dont use txt spk," and make sure you use actual grammar.

    I'm a developer!
    If you wish to hook your plugin into bPermissions, please see the Developer Page for more information! If you wish to contribute code to bPermissions, fork us on GitHub!

    The latest development build is avaliable at our continuous integration server. They could be buggy, so use at your own risk!

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