Breaching Script! 1.0

Breach the iron door using this script.

  1. Hibela
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    Languages Supported:
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    This script allows players to breach the iron doors.
    The breach will not work if the player is far from the clicked block.
    To breach, left-click the bottom layer of the iron door while sprinting.
    also, this is my first resource upload!

    - Skript-2.2-dev34 ( Tested Skript Version )
    - SkQuery ( Sound effect )

    - Hibela#3811 ( Discord )

    To apply,
    - Overwrite in plugins/Skript
    - put in plugins/Skript/scripts

    If you already edited something in,
    copy the line 776~785 in ( in zip file ) and paste them
    on line 775 in your

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Recent Reviews

  1. EvilSlayer
    Version: 1.0
    This skript not starting but you code error
    Error Code:can't understand this event on left click on iron door bottom' on right click on iron door bottom
    1. Hibela
      Author's Response
      Hello, thanks for the review. I feel bad that you're having a problem with my script... I think you broke something in aliases-english...? (or your skript version is too low?) so I updated my content! how about having a look and check the error?