BreakableSpawners 1.0

Allows your users to break mobspawners and pick them up.

  1. Summerfeeling
    Summerfeeling and PostCrafter
    Today I want to publish my new plugin.

    The plugin is BreakableSpawners.

    What is BreakableSpawners?
    BreakableSpawners is a plugin which allows your players to destroy and pick up monsterspawner. You can specify whether the players must have Silk Touch on their item, and with which item they can break monsterspawners. (Here is a list with all available materials for the config.)

    Which commands and permissions does BreakableSpawners have?
    BreakableSpawners has one command, and two permissions.
    • /breakablespawners reload - breakablespawners.admin - Allow the admin to reload the config.
    • % - breakablespawners.break - Allow the users to break monsterspawners and pick them up.
    Sounds interesting. Where can I get BreakableSpawners ?
    You can get BreakableSpawners here, on the Spigot page.

    This plugin contains the wonderful AutoCommand Lib from PostCrafter.

    Thats all!
    You have any questions, wishes or bugs? Please write them in the commands!
    About feedback I would be very happy, too!

    I hope you enjoy BreakableSpawners!