BreakableSpawners 0.0.2

You can break and place spawners.

  1. dn20050
    BreakableSpawners is a simple plugin.It makes that you can break a spawner with a silktouch pickaxe.
    It needs no configuration or something like that.
    But if you have any ideas for a config let me know it.

    breakablespawners.break - The spawner will drop, if you break it with a silktouch pickaxe. - You can place the spawner.

    Simply, that's all there is to say.

Recent Updates

  1. Bugfixes
  2. Permission bug fixed.
  3. Fixed a bug.

Recent Reviews

  1. WormKid109
    Version: 0.0.2
    It works. Simple as that. There's a weird lore on the spawner but I'm pretty sure that's what makes the plugin work. Will post suggestions in the discussion.
    1. dn20050
      Author's Response
      Yes, the lore is the ID of the spawner.