BrickThrower 1.3.2

A plugin to throw bricks!

  1. Config Update

    This updated the config to add more options that you can change such as:
    the item that you get from brickthrower
    a list of items you can choose from to throw
    ability to change the name of the item

    There has also been some added commands:
    /brickthrower list - displays all of the different materials you can provide in the /brickthrower get [material] command.
    /brickthrower checkconfig - This checks and tells you if any of the materials that are set are invalid.

    New Alias for /brickthrower; /brth
    You can now type /brth get or /brth list instead of typing out brickthrower completely.

    Please make sure to post any issues you have on our github page, we will fix them!
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