BrickThrower 1.3.2

A plugin to throw bricks!

  1. Version Compatibility/Refactor Update

    In version 1.2.4 we have made the following changes:

    - Refactored the code for performance improvements and readability.
    - Fixed many bugs along the way. One, in particular, that would delete the item in your offhand when trying to throw bricks.
    - Added a new config option to change how long an item will sit on the ground.
    - Added support for more versions of Minecraft:
    - 1.12
    - 1.11
    - 1.10
    - 1.9
    - 1.8

    With the support of more versions of Minecraft, there are more than likely some bugs here and there because of version changes. If you find any please report them on our github issue page here:

    While I found many bugs and patched them, it is possible there are other bugs. Please report them if you find any as it will allow us to produce a better plugin for everyone. Thank you.
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