BrickThrower 1.3.2

A plugin to throw bricks!

  1. Damage Update [Final Content Update]

    In version 1.3.0 the following changes were made to the plugin:

    - Added the ability when you throw bricks you can damage any livingentity. A living entity is anything that is living, like a player who isn't dead, an animal that you can kill, a mob that you can kill, etc. By default this is disabled in the config with our new config option of "item-damage". Changing to above 0.0 will result in it being enabled.
    - Allowed older versions to use items of their choice. This also means that configs may look different from versions 1.12 and below and 1.13 and above.
    - Disabled the ability for players to place blocks/eat items that were obtained from brickthrower. This now allows you to use them as a default-item and in the items list.
    - This also resulted in the removal of the /brickthrower checkconfig command as it was not very useful.
    - You can now use the reload command (/brickthrower reload) in console. Console also bypasses the config option "reload-enabled".
    - Improved performance of the plugin.
    - Fixed plenty of bugs!

    This is the final content update for this plugin. Any updates after this will be for supporting newer versions of Minecraft, bug patches, and documentation. This is not due to be not having interest in making the plugin, but more that the plugin is complete. I believe adding anything more will push away from the originally point of the plugin. I also wish to work on more plugins and constantly updating this one with more features will make it harder to make more plugins.

    Also for more information about the plugin please visit our wiki on Github here:

    If you need support visit our discord server and ask in our brickthrower support channel:

    Thank you! Continue to report bugs on our github issues page here:

    If you want to contribute make sure you read our README file in our github page:
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