BroadCast 1.0

Send a Message to all online Players

  1. fokko
    Send A Message to all Online Players!

    /broadcast <message> to Send a message!

    Supports Now Color Codes!
    Editable Prefix
    Code (Text):
    # Plugin by FokkoTV
    # Subscribe on my Youtube Chanel:
    # Change Prefix
    # Set to '' for no Prefix
      prefix: '&7[&4BroadCast&7]'

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Recent Reviews

  1. TheGatitoYT
    Version: 1.0
    Muy buen plugin! estaba buscando uno así desde hace mucho, por ahora no veo ningun bug ni problemas con lag u errores, gracias! 5 Extrellas
  2. Stevi8459
    Version: 1.0
    Good plugin.. I don't need this but very good and no laggs. But he work on BungeeCord server ...? If it work is very cool.
    1. fokko
      Author's Response
      But why only 4 Starts?
      Its in the directory Bukkit Plugin Not bungee Cord...