Broadcaster 1.0

Periodically broadcasts randomly selected text messages from database

  1. DevHauke
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    This plugin does exactly what the description says:
    It periodically broadcasts randomly selected text messages from MySQL database. Nothing more, nothing less.

    I developed this plugin for my server. On my server this plugin broadcasts randomly selected jokes. Just to amuse the players.

    Usable commands:
    • /broadcaster
      • Shows available commands
    • /broadcaster info
      • Shows when the next message will be broadcasted
    • /broadcaster time
      • Shows interval time in seconds
    • /broadcaster time {seconds}
      • Sets interval time in seconds
    • /broadcaster now
      • Broadcast a random message now
    • /broadcaster reload
      • Reloads plugin
    • /broadcaster resetcounters
      • Resets all counters. Use this after adding new messages to database
    • /broadcaster enable
      • Enables plugin
    • /broadcaster disable
      • Enables plugin
    • broadcaster.receive
    • broadcaster.cmd.time
    • broadcaster.cmd.reload
    • broadcaster.cmd.resetcounters
    • broadcaster.cmd.enable
    I think those are self explaining.

    Use config.yml to configure the plugin. At first start a MySQL table with 10 simple sentences will be created.

    If there is demand for this plugin, I may continue developing this after your ideas. If you found bugs, please let me know.