[Broken]AntiVPN/Proxy Plugin (VPNCheck) 1.8-1.16 2021-05-07

A simple and lightweight proxy and VPN detector! Powered by proxycheck.io

  1. Great_Array
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    The plugin is currently broken, I am doing a complete re code of it and adding new features as well as bug fixes. I'm really sorry its taking a bit I've just ben really busy lately

    A simple and lightweight AntiVPN/Proxy Spigot&PaperSpigot plugin. Using proxycheck.io


      • /vpn - Main and only command of the plugin
      • /vpn help & /vpn help 2 - Displays help messages about the plugin
      • /vpn panel - Opens a GUI where you can view some statistics about the plugin
      • /vpn whitelist <ip> - Adds an IP to the whitelist chase
      • /vpn unwhitelist <ip> - Removes an IP from the whitelist chase
      • /vpn blacklist <ip> - Adds an IP to the blacklist chase
      • /vpn unblacklist <ip> - Removes an IP from the blacklist chase
      • /vpn clear blacklist/whitelist - Clears the blacklist or whitelist chase
      • /vpn reload - Reloads the plugin's config
      • /vpn country ban <country> - Blocks a country from entering your server (Only works with iso codes)
      • /vpn country unban <country> - Un-blocks a country from entering your server (Only works with iso codes)
      • /vpn notify <on/off> - Notifies you whenever a plugin blacklists/whitelists/blocks someone from entering the server


      • vpn.command.admin - Admin permission command (can be changed in config)




    I will keep updating this plugin for as long as I can. Future updates may include:

      • BungeeCord/Velocity/Sponge Version
      • Universal Blacklist
      • In Game IP scan
      • ProxyCheck updates that can be included in the plugin

    This is a simple plugin that will stop 95% of people/bots trying to join your server using a VPN or Proxy service. This plugin is not meant to be used as an AntiBot/AntiDDoS plugin, it can be used along side a bot protection plugin but it is not recommended to stop large amounts of join bots by itself. However it is a premium level VPN/Proxy detector with a 9/10 success rate.

    To use the plugin you need to register for an API key at http://proxycheck.io/ (it is of course free)

    Also a big thanks to DefianceCoding for creating the Java API for proxy check and making this and many other plugins using ProxyCheck more efficient and functional!

    This plugin is powered by the proxycheck.io service, which possibly has 75% of commercial VPN services indexed, meaning this plugin will stop those VPNs. When you register for free you get 1.000 free daily scans (which is more then enough for an average Minecraft server), 3 custom rules and 1 burst token. The plan of your API key will directly affect the performance of the plugin. You can also check your plan thru the Minecraft chat in the plugin's panel GUI (/vpn panel).

    I will also be making a bungee version in the short future!


    - http://proxycheck.io/

    - ElectroNode hosting - Helped me quite a bit with the testing and hosting of the test server for the plugin, they have great services and I highly recommend them (https://discord.gg/JMKzuBkV2n)

    - You, if you like the plugin ;)


    If you need help with the plugin or have an error/bug (or if you just wanna talk) please add me on discord: Great Array#4684
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Recent Reviews

  1. Abgegrieft_YT
    Version: 2021-05-07
    First it works perfect. but after some weeks it dont work anymore. So i cant use it anymorew because it tell me every time an internal error
    1. Great_Array
      Author's Response
      I know, a re code is in progress