Brooms Version 1.7.5

A fun brooms plugin to spice up your server

  1. ramboinvenezuela
    Just a fun plugin for people to fly around on brooms.

    I'm sorry if there are errors or lag resulting from this. If anything needs fixed, feel free to post.

    /brooms list: lists your brooms
    /brooms help: lists commands
    /brooms spawn (broom): spawns broom
    /brooms speed (broom) (speed): sets speed for broom
    /brooms choose: opens up an inventory to that will spawn a broom inside of your inventory

    You can also change the speed of the brooms in the configuration file.

    If you need clarification or more information, please tell me! 2015-11-06_22.14.53.png 2015-11-28_15.38.47.png

Recent Updates

  1. Making GUI look nice
  2. Small fixes
  3. Quick fix