[BSAddon] Citizens integration 1.3.3

Allows adding NPCs for your bossshops

  1. Updated plugin.yml

    Fixed some dependency issues
  2. Whoopsy forgot to include the plugin.yml

    I was too quick and too tired to not realize i forgot the plugin.yml
  3. ZIP Format

    After the constant issues of the jar sometimes not loading i made it from 1 jar into 2 jars and put them into this zip this format will continue from now on in the zip file you can find a jar for BossShop and one for BossShopPro this will fixed the issues you guys been having and if they dont then ill be forced to eat a hat
  4. Fixed saving system

    Made a error which caused the playershops to be not saved this error is fixed now
  5. Added PlayerShop support

  6. FIXED missing class issue

    I found the problem with the missing class error some of you have been getting let me explain

    So the issue was that this plugin was loading before bossshop loaded causing my plugin to look for things that were not there yet this update made the plugin ALWAYS wait for bossshop to load so it should be fixed now sorry for any inconvenience
  7. Fixed possible build error

    This update should resolve the class not found error people keep getting
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    You can now use this addon with BSP
    Thanks to @n3twoik He donated to BSP to get me on the buyer list now i can make all my addons BSP compatible
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  9. Fixed a bug

    Fixed a bug where the timeouttask would still fire even if the player executed the task