[BSB] Better Shulker Boxes [1.12-1.16] 2.14.5

More features for shulker boxes

  1. Better Shulker Boxes 2.14.5 - Fixed invalid plugin.yml

    Changes in version 2.14.5:
    • Fixed "invalid plugin.yml"
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  2. Better Shulker Boxes 2.14.4 - Small bugfix

    Changes in version 2.14.4:
    • Fixed a bug that caused the inventory name to be empty when using a color +%itemname% in the config
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  3. Better Shulker Boxes 2.14.3 - Fixed a duplication bug

    Changes in version 2.14.3:
    • Fixed a duplication bug that was done with a mod. I'm not going to be very specific about how this worked as it could compromise servers running with older versions, for details message me on discord.
  4. Better Shulker Boxes 2.14.2 - Old paper build dupe fix

    Changes in version 2.14.2:
    • Fixed a duplication bug that only occurs in old 1.15 builds of paper. For some reason, in old builds of paper, the inventory close event is not called when a player goes through a portal, this allowed players to throw themselves to an end portal from certain height, opening the shulker box and throwing items mid-air, when teleporting to the end, they shulkerbox would close without saving the changes, essentialy duplicating the items.
  5. Better Shulker Boxes 2.14.1 - World Guard error fix

    Changes in version 2.14.1:
    • Fixed an error that would occur when the plugin loaded if world guard was present.
  6. Better Shulker Boxes 2.14.0 - World Guard support and 1.12 bug Fixes

    Changes in version 2.14.0:
    • Added World Guard support (flag allow-bsb can be set to false to prevent players from opening shulker boxes in regions, it is true by default). For now, WorldGuard is only supported while using spigot 1.13 or later.
    • Fixed bugs that only occurred in 1.12.2.
  7. Better Shulker Boxes 2.13.1 Changelog - Bug fix

    Changes in this version:
    • Fixed a duping bug caused when using certain inventory-related plugins (found by nicuch on github).
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  8. Better Shulker Boxes 2.13.0 - Small bugfix

    Changes in version 2.13.0:
    • Fixed a bug where right-click inside an enderchest wouldn't work with the last slot
  9. Better Shulker Boxes 2.12.0 - 1.12.2 Support

    Changes in version 2.12.0:
    • Added Spigot and Paperspigot 1.12 support
    • Updated plugin metrics
  10. Better Shulker Boxes 2.11.0 Changelog - Bug fix

    Changes in version 2.11.0:
    • Fixed a bug where opening shulker boxes from an enderchest would cause other shulker boxes with the same name and color in the container's inventory to dissapear.
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