bsClaims 0.12.1

Easy grief protection/area claim plugin

  1. GudangGaram
    A very simplistic self-service grief protection and area claim system. Allows players to claim a single area per world with pre-set flags. It's a very simple frontend onto WorldGuard, which is required to be installed on the server as well.


    Below is an example configuration, read on for more info...
    Code (Text):

        pvp: false
        tnt: false
        fire-spread: false
        lava-fire: false
        lightning: false
        chest-access: false
      - pvp
      - tnt
      - fire-spread
      # the radius of the claim, e.g. setting both to 100 will result in a
      # 201x201 area being claimed from bedrock to sky
        x: 100
        z: 100
      minimum-center-distance: 412    
      allow-sharing: true            
      - world_nether
      - world_the_end
    The "flags" key contains 2 subkeys; default and enabled. Default contains WorldGuard flags and the values that need to be set on a players' claim when first created. The flags listed under "enabled" can be toggled by the claim owner.

    The items under "claim" contain the configuration for claims. The size determines the eventual size of a claim; an X of 50 will result in a 101 wide claim (50 one way, 50 the other, and 1 for the center point).

    The minimum center distance is the distance one has to be from another claims' centerpoint, and should be at least twice as large as any given x or z size to avoid any conflicts. In the above case, there will always be at least 200 blocks distance between claim borders.

    allow-sharing is currently ignored and always treated as 'true'.

    deny-in-worlds is a list of worlds in which players are not allowed to stake any claims; by default the nether and the end will not allow players to claim areas.


    Download jar, put jar in plugin folder, restart server. Check log to see if the plugin has loaded, then edit the configuration to your liking, and restart your server once more.


    Right here baby!

    Source code

    Source code can be had from Bitbucket using Mercurial, at the following link: