BTB - Addon for Mythic Mobs & Boss 2-1-RELEASE

Broadcast & rewards addon for Mythic Mobs & Boss

  1. Fixed spawn blacklist!

    • Fixed where spawn broadcast, bypassed blacklist.
  2. Added boss spawn messages

    • Added messages when boss spawns.
    Config reset is not needed!
  3. Fixed few bugs & error.

    • Fixed misstyped debug in not debug mode, which throwed error in the console.
    • Added /btb toggle, this will toggle will the player receive messages from the broadcast or not, no need to reset your config.
    • Fixed Mythic Mobs bug where <mob.level> was not replaced strange bug, there may be more of mythic mobs, who knows.
    Final release is here!
    There's nothing more to add as of my head, if you have suggestions let me know!
    As for now wait for new...
  4. Removed debug & removed NPE at the start.

    • Removed debug
    • Removed NPE at the plugin start.
    • Fixed two bugs.
  5. Added debugmode & more!

    • Added debug mode!
    • Added check for offline & online mode servers, to use UUID'S or NICKS
    • Added cleaner Error handling.
    • Cleaned code a bit.
  6. Added rewards & fixed bugs!

    • Added rewards!
    • Added NPC support!
    • Might have fixed bug where MyItems did not correct damage (Thanks to Praya. Note this bug still may be, haven't fully tested. If so report on my discord.
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  7. Added /reload command & fixed bug.

    • Added /btb reload command!
    • Fixed bug where BTB couldn't start.
  8. Added Mythic Mobs support & added blacklist!

    Attention this update requires config reset, so before you launch the plugin, delete the folder!
    • Added Mythic Mobs support
    • Added blacklist option.
  9. Fixed yet another debug message, I'm blind :P

    Removed another debug message.
  10. Removes debugs & added check for Boss plugin.

    Added check for Boss plugin
    Removed debugs
    Sorry, I've forgot :p