btBalance v1.0

A better format for the balance

  1. gUnit
    This plugin is very simple and lightweight. It has minimal coding and is perfect for servers that need /bal. It simply formats the /bal to commas.

    For example,
    10 BILLION would show 10,000,000,000 instead of 10000000000

    Commands and Permissions
    • NONE! Simple drag-and-drop
    • A better balance solution
    Planned Features
    • Custom messages
    • Messages with placeholders
    • Vault
    • Essentials
    Bugs or Issues
    You can PM me the bugs or just go to discussion area. To avoid bugs, use Java 8_40 and PaperSpigot-1.8.3 LATEST. If u want another recompilation or a new java version, PM me. It will cost a small teeny amount ($5 max)

    Plugin Request

    Want me to make a plugin for you? PM me :). I am just starting development as you can see so they are very cheap